In between the goals is the thing called life

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If I were asked what all I want in my life, I would probably come up with a huge list and somehow the list seems to keep on growing, without any limitations at all. I thought I might be the only greedy one till I realized most people do have these lists and most people have a lot of things to do in their lives. No wonder we are all so busy.

If I try to make the list a little more specific and say, making a list of goals in life, well even that doesn’t seem to have any bounds, and the goals keep on increasing. The moment we achieve one, there is one more which starts a burning desire inside. I guess that is the beauty of goals, something which keeps us tied, focussed and finds a way to keep our energy on a leash and direct it to the place we want it in. But sometimes I also realize that we are so focussed on these goals that so many things seem to pass by without us looking at them at all. I agree, we are all very busy people and we don’t have time for nonsense at all. But for a moment, let me stop and reflect, I do agree that there are these many things to do in my life, so many things to be proudly associated with. Doing all of these would make me feel good about myself, makes me feel like an achiever, makes me feel that I have lived my true potential. I guess that’s a really nice way to look at things.

But is that all there is? Are we all on a constant hop from one success to another, from one goal to another. If the answer was yes, then what is the difference between us and a machine other than the fact that these machines are a little more efficient? I guess that is where this quote comes into picture. Something that these mechanical devices don’t have is the beauty of the thing between the goals, the beauty of the things which make us laugh, smile, cry, shout, curse, applaud and a lot more.. I guess that is that very something which makes us all alive, that very imperfection in life in which there is all beauty lying to be tapped. Embrace it cos you never know if you get the same emotion in the same form again!



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