If Your Plan Isn’t Working, Don’t Just Give Up, Never Give Up! – Matt Martin

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Never Give Up!

-If your plan isn't working, adjust, Dont give up

“If your plan isn’t working, adjust your plan. Never give up.”

– Matt Martin

There is many a slip between the cup and the lip and of course a lot of variations between our planning and the execution. I think while we are planning, we have all the ideal scenarios taken into consideration. And even if we are being completely realistic and allotting a chance for changes, there are so many things we miss out on simply because most of the outcomes are too challenging to come to our grasp, esp at a forethought.

The Things That Throw You Off Balance

There will be so many things that happen and throw us off balance and often make us wonder and question our very goal. And trust me, none of these is really wrong. We have all been there and the more challenging work we do, the more we will get there and part of our lovely lives is in countering these and staying on top and winning over these, not simply to think of giving up.

If you look back at all the things that you have done in your life, I am sure that you would have taken up some ambitious projects and there have been times where you have given up on a few of them, sometimes cos they seemed impossible, sometimes cos they seemed very challenging and tiring and sometimes simply cos they lost all meaning. I know I have done stuff like that and I have constantly wondered if I needed to give it one more shot.

The One Question Which Makes All Difference

But something I realized through the process is that there is one question which we should constantly have at the back of our mind, a question which decides whether you are going to do something or not, a question which ensures whether you are going to follow up when the going gets tough, a question that smacks you right on your face when you think whether you should give it up.

Yes, I am talking about the WHY!?! 

The why, that makes us pick up a project, that why which makes us stretch beyond our limits, that WHY which gets us unsettled and describes who we really are and what we stand for, that WHY which makes us think of the many possibilities of life, that WHY which sets us apart from the crowd and describes our individuality, that WHY which actually defines how passionately we want something.

Long Term Motivation

A couple of days ago, someone asked me on quora as to how we maintain a long term motivation vs a short term motivation. As we know, the short term motivation is pretty easy. Sometimes listening to a simple speech or watching a movie gets us going and makes us try and do more things. But there is something stronger, an intrinsic sense of motivation which keeps us at our best at all times and protects you from all the doubts you may have when you want to do something. And that is the very question WHY?!

And the more we try to find out a stronger answer for it, the stronger is our motivation and effort to get things done.

And of course when we start something, we definitely screw up. We make mistakes over mistakes and sometimes these mistakes make us question whether we should really do this or quit when we are ahead. And that is the time when this question WHY helps us and these 6 Steps Never To Give Up In Life. We just have to ask ourselves as to what the bigger picture question is. What is more important?

– Is it the process or the result?

Of course we get side tracked as we are on a path for something we believe in. We do screw up and make mistakes. But that is not the end of everything. It is quite simply a failure in the plan and not the failure in the result and what you want to achieve in life. It is a very immature way of looking at it. If you look at all the big successes in life, they have all failed big and none of their final product was as per their first plan. They all went through a process of constant feedback. They all realized what worked and what didn’t. They took the feedback and changed their approach for they knew that more than the approach, what mattered was the result. And that was the beginning of all change in life and that will be the same in your case too.

For, we all know that It is difficult to wait but it is even more difficult to give up in life and regret.

This was our quote of the day and the idea whether to give up in life or not. Stay tuned in for more.

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6 thoughts on “If Your Plan Isn’t Working, Don’t Just Give Up, Never Give Up! – Matt Martin

    1. Thank you Najm :).. I have always been fascinated by that quote which said – if you have a strong enough why you will figure out how. Or the Ratan tata quote which says I don’t believe in taking the right decisions but I believe in taking decisions and making them right.. Quite powerful and practical indeed 🙂

  1. As always this post is also bang-on-time. I highly required this and right here is what I always get, to get inspired 🙂 This post relates big-time with my life’s events on career. And I highly agree with the importance of WHY that I missed out on immensely… from now on, I never will. Well, even your response on comments are so powerful Vinay. Thanks a lot for this 🙂

    1. Thank you Tara. A delight to hear from you :). He he he :D. I am so glad to know that we are hitting the right chord consistently and the site is able to do what we had in mind while writing those posts. It is a very powerful motivation for us to keep coming up with more inspired posts :). I have always loved asking myself a hell lot of questions but this is one question which keeps me awake at nights and that is the one which makes a tonne of difference with no matter what we do. Happy to know it made a slight difference Tara :)..

  2. Results don’t come by magic. We learn by trail and error. So when things go error, we need to be smart error enough to realize the mistakes and persistent enough not to get disheartened and move on. So yes when Plan A doesn;t work , we have to figure our Plans B – Z.

    1. True Somali. If we observe closely, there is a constant feedback mechanism which keeps telling us what we want and how it wants it. Maybe its clouded in the many happenings of our everyday life. But yea the.moment we regroup ourselves life slowly starts falling into place. 🙂

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