If You Have Everything Under Control, You’re Not Moving Fast Enough – Mario Andretti

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Everything under control:

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If You Have Everything Under Control, You’re Not Moving Fast Enough – Mario Andretti

If You Have Everything Under Control, You’re Not Moving Fast Enough

– Mario Andretti

 Everything under control: Life Under Us!

We all want our life under control don’t we? A life where everything is smooth and simple, where everything is going as expected and life simply falls into a routine. You know what you are going to do every day – you are going to get up in the morning, hit the gym and then get to office, not too many surprises there – just the same old irritating boss and the employees you work with and then come back home tired, eat, watch TV and get some sleep. It all seems so predictable and direct doesn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, even I do that and I am not complaining it a single bit.

As we always do here, we are here only to ask you some questions, only to make you think and reflect about your life and if possible pick up a few cues which can elevate the standard of your life. We are not here to inspire and fill you with some magical energy from outside so that your life is all hunky dory. We are here to get you disturbed a bit, make you ask those questions which you sometimes miss on cos most times without even our knowledge we slip to a lower standard just cos it feels a little more about comfortable. But by this time we all know very well that life is not just about comfort, but it is about getting a little disturbed and taking its reins in your hands and leading it from the front.

Everything Under Control – What do you feel?

Coming back to the question at large again, what do you feel when everything in life is under control. I know the first thing I would feel – BOREDOM. Knowing the kind of person I am, I would love some excitement at least. I am not asking you to go out and do something crazy, and if you do it, I sincerely applaud you. But I do know that there are times when it feels like life is under control.

But be very honest to yourself, is LIFE truly every under control? I mean if your career is working perfect, your physical body is taking a hit cos of the pressure and if the above two are working right, then your relationship is taking a hit since you are not able to usher it enough time and attention it needs. If these are right, then your finances are under a challenge. And if all the above are right, there is a question about the sense of purpose about what you want to do in life and your passion and aspirations.

Everything under control – We All Have A Gap To Fill

We all have a hole within, a hole which can be filled, a disturbance that needs to be addressed. It is fairly easy sometimes to brush it under the carpet so that we don’t have to feel the hurt and discomfort of it. Again, we don’t do it consciously, it happens without even our knowledge sometimes. But the first step as always is identification, to know what is going wrong and what we can do to fix it. We are never offered with challenges beyond our capacity, if we are faced with something, it just means that we have to get out of that comfort zone, a zone where everything seems perfect and happening for us. A zone where it feels that nothing can go wrong.

If we are being realistic, we both know that life is never perfect, there is always an aspect which needs a demand, an aspect where you can add more value, an aspect which can elevate you to the higher standard. I know it is very alluring to be in the comfort zone, cos let us face it, we all like to be lazy sometimes. But the beauty of the comfort zone is that once it gets you in, it doesn’t let you out that easy – kinda like the bean bag and pop corn :P.  Read: The Perception Of Perfection

Everything under control – Why you should Really Be Worried

Truth is, you should really be worried when everything seems under your control. It just means that you might be brushing off a few things as less important. It just means that it is time to reevaluate your life again and see the demands around you. Life doesn’t stop in that bean bag of ours. It is about getting ourselves out of that chair and consciously keep elevating the standard of our life. Consciously noting what we can do to improve the quality of our life physically, emotionally, business, financially and our relationships. All these sectors need our time and energy and enthusiasm.

We are all not perfect, we all screw up, we all reorganize priorities and some of them take a hit sometimes. So the next time you think that everything is under control in life, think again, it might not just be as simple as it seems. Cos, the truth is – disturbance is the only form of life, struggle is the only sign of existence sometimes. Appreciate those troubles, appreciate those challenges and you are headed toward a more rewarding outcome, sometimes an outcome you had never even dreamed about. Read: Venture Out Of Your Comfort Zone, The Rewards Are Worth It

Keep living, keep dreaming, there is a lot to do in this world.

And that is our thought for the day. Stay tuned in for more.

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8 thoughts on “If You Have Everything Under Control, You’re Not Moving Fast Enough – Mario Andretti

  1. U have written it so nicely. Yes, there is always an area which needs focus … And also, we can not afford to be complacent in life and not explore our optimum self.. Nicely written..

    1. Thank you Bindu :). I guess we all need that push, sometimes from peers, sometimes from our own selves and sometimes from the circumstances and the environment we create for ourselves. In the end, it is all about reaching our excellence and optimal self 🙂

  2. Yes you are correct If challenges are removed from our life we complaint about boredom, and it they are added we say “saala mere saath he aisa hota hain”. So fact is we actually like challenges we just tend to show we don’t like it. Without Challenges life would be like non-living thing.

    1. THank you Mayuresh. I think we all fall into that zone of self pity which makes us wonder why it is only us who are supposed to face all these stupid and unnecessary things in life. But the beauty is in moving beyond that and knowing that it is ok to feel these things it takes quite a character to move beyond that and that really counts 🙂

    1. Thank you Maniparna. Indeed, complacency really kills all efforts and hence any growth that can result from these actions. It reminds me of a techincal term entropy where given a natural flow of circumstances, everything is headed for a downfall. Considering that, the onus is always upon us to be a little proactive and take control over the circumstances and our responses to them in our lives.

  3. Well, Life has a strange way of upsetting our surfboard just when we think we are on top of the wave. I would say Life has a zany sense of humor.

    1. He he indeed Sweety, life sure does have a zany sense of humor and it is startling how much irony is a part of it 😀 .. But it is pretty neat to know how life constantly wants us to get out of the comfort zone cos there is so much waiting for us 🙂

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