How to Stop Worrying And Start Living – 9 Simple And Elegant Ways To Solve Your Troubles

Worry is a menace!


What is worry? It is simply an unhealthy and a destructive mental habit. You were not born with the worry habit. You acquired it. That means, you can cast it off! (Source, Norman Vincent Paele, Power of Positive Thinking)

What are the ways and means to stop worrying and actually start living ? How can we make the worrying style simpler? How can we make it work for us instead of against…Maybe these bits can help..


Remember 90% of the people we meet are worried about something or the other. Some let it bother them, some let it consume them, some fight over it and some fight about it. Very few stand above it and say – Hey it is a simple problem, a call for action, lets work on it rather than worry. It is ok to be worried, it is very natural, it is how you handle it which makes the difference


Remember, we often get what we focus on! 

Stop focusing on the reasons as to why something might not work, focus instead on the reasons as to why that will work. This way, the mind is not fixated on matters that bring you down, instead on the things that can drive action and produce desirable results. 


Face your fears.

I am not talking about trying to move the mountain in the first go, it is about making those incremental shifts. Facing a fear is like building a muscle, you have to start with smaller ones and without your knowledge, a consistent action in this front will make you more capable to handle fears better. Here are 7 creative ways you can face your fears


Identify the message

the worrying is trying to convey. Each emotion we face on a regular basis is a signal, it is a call for action. Try and understand what the worry is trying to tell you, what action it is calling for. Act on it and you will find a new horizon opening up for you.


Uncertainty as a major source of energy.

Most times we realize that the worry is due to the fact that the outcome is very uncertain. I believe that is how life is going to be. The beauty of life is that things are uncertain, nothing is promised in this world. But once you start embracing it, that is something which drives us, makes us work, helps us find solutions. It is a powerful way, be thankful for it and here are 10 ways to handle uncertainty in Life


Gratitude – Be thankful.

We are in a culture where we are extremely thankful when things work out for us and when it is the opposite way, we make sure that we curse in all fronts. What if we go the other way. What if we thank the situation and the challenge it is posing. What if we say – I am thankful for this because —– Find the reasons, I am sure there will be very interesting ones. It is not about avoiding the problem, it is about acknowledging, appreciating and finding a way out of it. Your problems are your own friends.Here are 7 reasons for you to be thankful in life


A mind in its weak spot tries to link all the negative emotions and make a story out of it. I agree that it is going to be extremely logical and very well justified, but remember it is your weak mind at action, a vulnerable phase. Let it pass, the moment shall pass, go for a run, listen to music, challenge someone for a fight :D. Pump up the adrenaline. The point is you need to bring your faculties thankin your favour to make things happen for you. It is a holistic picture you need to look at, not the one negative strand that builds the story


It is natural that when we feel anxious, that we go and find people who are equally anxious, maybe it is a way of finding comfort, the feeling of not being left out and the thought of being with someone who can understand you. I understand the reasoning, but the question is – Is it giving you the solution you need? Do you want a solution or do you want to feel sorry about it? Find the right people, people who can fight, people who appreciate the difficulties. If it is hard to find such ones, then try and be one, without your knowledge you start attracting a similar kind. Remember –

Birds of a feather flock together! 

And here are 10 ways you can make new friends


Ask yourself – What is the worst that could happen?, try and prepare for it. This could help us in most scenarios, if we are prepared for the worst, it takes care of the fear element, the surprises don’t seem daunting anymore cos the worst doesn’t seem that bad.

I agree that just reading this will not solve the worries, neither does it change the complete pattern and start working for us. It is a set of ideas, some we can implement right away, some that can percolate, all of which can make a difference and a value add to our lives. It is about how consistently we try to bring in the new pattern and elevate a new life style.

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  5. All thee points you mention are valid points, I read in thinking books. First thing, it is ok to worry everyone does but it is not good to let it cripple you. I am a worry creature because that’s how I am brought up, my Mom’s anxious, Dad protective and so I am generally risk aververse and negative thinker. However I read some thinking books and it helped a bit. Just don’t stop acting(: … do something activity and adventurous one is one that will teach you a lot and change you, for risk taking. Be caml, this habbit is acquired, let us not react automatically, but train to process things before acting. Act courageous I do that thesedays, even when tensed I smile, ensure I have my back straight and try not to panic, trying is the first step to achieve a big thing. Also crack jokes, do fun stuff and keep a balance with positivity so your not all negative. Anyway… just writing, all your points are good.

    • Thank you Maria :). I too came across a few in books and then a lot of them have been personal implementation as well. It took a major shift to make a few changes but they sure did improve the quality of thoughts and approach for the same. Maybe that is why experience speaks a lot more than theory can :).

      I think we are all culturally tuned, if not the family/friends/peers, it is the schools or just the society where worry seems to be an everyday aspect of life right from scoring marks to getting a job and then marriage and what not. Sometimes it feels very difficult to even participate in those conversations.

      It is an interesting advice Maria, Sometimes we do need to fake it cos the mind has a way of making problems bigger than they actually are. Faking it bit helps us reduce the intensity and look at it from the outside, thus bringing in a new perspective which we often miss when we are sucked into the worry culture. I couldn’t agree more with you, sometimes we do need to take life really light so that we can focus on the real solutions instead of the problems alone.

  6. Well, the singer of this song Bobby Mc Ferrin is said to have suicided out of depression… what you think of it…do research and check. Well, we have lots of reasons to worry… I am a cyclist now since I am cycling around for now spreading awareness on Freeing Gender for Violence(: … because you can think positive but real change come through action and effort… I have cycled 8800Km till now across Tamil Nade, Kerala, Karnataka, Andra and Orisa… meet all sorts of people and told them they need to adopt a balanced view towards gender, so no one in society gets negative thoughts against any gender and they all live happily and peacefully together. It is indeed difficult to be unworried at these difficult times for various reasons… but we forget to live and act correctly in the process of worrying… you can check my cycle journeys here(: …and it is indeed becoming a challenge to continue my Ride… …have good day

    • That’s kinda ironical Rajesh – about Bobby Mc Ferrin.

      I read through your profile and really admire what you are trying to accomplish and I can be more than sure that the challenges you are fraught with are perhaps unfathomable ones. Worry is a common occurrence and we certainly cannot get rid of it completely. But we sure con find ways to live with it and maybe even find inspiration from it. As we firmly believe – every emotion is a call for action and so is worry too. If this worry is leading us to a better thought and helping us think further and find ways and solutions to solve the problems we feel for, then worry sure makes sense. But then again if the worry is pushing us away from action, then it surely is a matter of concern and we need to find ways to utilise it accordingly.

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