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How to be on the right path of life always?

This is an interesting question – none of us ever want to make mistakes – do we? We like being right and it is not the best feeling to be wrong since it involves taking feedback on it, working on it and trying to find a way out of the wrongs – Such a laborious task don’t you think?

So, logically the above question makes perfect sense.

How do we actually know if we are on the right path of life?

Before we answer that, a few more questions come to my mind

1) What is the right path for our life?

How do we define the right path? Does it depend on the successes we have seen? Is it the path laid out by our parents or well wishers? 

Is it something you have already seen and you would like the same in your life? 

Do you have a desire and a plan for your life which you want to realize? 

Which among these is the right path? Not according to the society, not according to your parents, but according to you.

2) The right path is the one which leads us to where we want.

We all have a picture of what our lives are to be right? We all have dreamt about it over and over again – how we look, how our social lives would be, how our relations would be, what kind of work we do, how much money we make and so on.

Basically we all have our own customized definitions, which naturally means that we need to find our own customized answers for the same. So, don’t worry about anyone else when you are thinking about the path of your life, just write down what means the most to you and we will find ways of realizing them in a little bit.

3) What we don’t want

Most times people actually know what they don’t want, the most common answers we get are

– I don’t want to be treated like crap in office

– I don’t want the bullies to harass me

– I don’t like to get up early in the morning to work

– I don’t like taking the bus to work

and so on… That’s fair, we know what we don’t like. But we can’t get to what we like until we focus on what we like and for this moment atleast forget what we don’t/

4) Once we know what we want

Once you know what you really want out of life, it is going to be tricky – people are going to try to make you believe that you are wrong. The time you realize that people are trying to convince you – then know that you are on the right track of life or you are horribly wrong :P. But yeah people are usually afraid of what they don’t know and they try to impose the same on you. But the moment you know what you want, your real task starts.

– Try to identify if there is anyone who is leading the lifestyle you desire. You need not find a single role model, there can be hundreds of them for different segments of your life – Physical, emotional, social, professional and so on. 

– Try to see what they did when they were in a situation like yours. 

– I do agree that most of our idols might not be accessible, see if they have written any books or thoughts about it. 

– Most of all read failure stories, read about what they learnt from it. It is great to romanticize success. But we need results in our lives, read these failure stories, find out what the tips and the traps might be and work toward the solution. 

5) Don’t depend on public support.

Most people will not be able to understand what you are going through. Most people will not be able to relate to you. So if you are seeking advice, then understand that there are usually 6 kinds of people who advice you. And when it comes to your difficulties, you are all alone.

I don’t mean to discourage you when I say that you are all alone, but I mean to say that you are the best person to solve your problems. Nobody can do it for you. They can sympathize with you, try to understand you and even offer to help but only you can take that decision to make that change in your life. Everything else is a prop, and only you are the defining pivot.

6) Don’t be afraid to be wrong.

This might sound a bit ironical. But we make most of our mistakes when we focus on the fears rather than focusing on the results. Focus on what you really want.

Don’t give too much of importance to being wrong. 99% of us are wrong most times. What makes that difference is how we use the rights and wrongs to create the impact we want in our lives.

7) Smile about it

No matter what is going on in your life, find a reason to smile, have a sense of humor about life. It is not going to solve your problems but it certainly is going to make your outlook towards it simpler and make life a little easier.

8) Be Thankful

Whether people help you or not, be thankful cos they are all leading you towards something, something that is going to become invaluable in life. Most times we don’t realize that the greatest treasure in life is in being thankful to people.

Gratitude is an amazing gift, use it well.

9) Live

Most importantly remember that you have only one life and only one job to do – LIVE. Live it to the fullest of your desires and live it with passion.

There is more time for mistakes than you think, there is more space for errors than you feel.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. There is joy in everything in life – find it and reach out to it.

And these are our 9 top tricks to being on the right path in life.

To err is human and to forget and move on is more human 🙂 

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  1. wow I loved this post ofcourse for your way of writing but more so because I am already thinking what is the right path, I haven’t ever thought about it…and if we plan the right path isn’t it defying the logic take life as it comes…I was just pondering on these when your tips started flowing and then all fell in place. nice write up there 🙂

    • Thank you Shweta, you honor me with such great words :).. I have often wondered what the right path is and finally came to this conclusion. It is more of a mirage, the closer we get, the more confusing it gets. And I guess none of us can always be right can we? We all make mistakes and they are so much fun.. – than being right all the time.. Life gets more exciting this way 🙂

    • Thank you Maniparna… he he one of my favorite pastime is reading books like these which make you kinda think and then wonder where life has headed. And each time I read I realize that everyone has a different way of finding the right path and all of them are wrong when they profess a particular way. It is more enjoyable this way, not knowing where it is headed and yet making the best of it 🙂