How much do you believe in fate?

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I have often had these questions! Am I a fatalist? Am I someone who determines my own destiny? And each time I have got a conflicting answer, never to realize which one I am completely in sync with. Turns out that the answers keep changing each time ;).

But I do have an issue with me being a fatalist – it creates the definition that everything is predetermined, nothing around us is in control and no matter what we do, what is supposed to happen will happen! That means to say that I have no control at all with what is going to happen in my life. It maybe true, but doesn’t that create a helpless cry? I mean to say if that is the case, there is no need for me to do anything at all, I can simply sit at home, probably do nothing, just keep myself in total relaxation, never involve myself in the hustle bustle of the daily life. Sounds simple and easy doesn’t it? If that is the case, I guess I would be completely miserable, not knowing what to do, how to and most importantly why to do that something!

On the other hand, if I am a believer that everything is in my control, well maybe I am telling myself a lie. But my question is – IS IT THAT BAD A LIE? Atleast it gives me a sense of responsibility, a very strong push to keep myself in action, the brilliant competition which keeps the senses alive and elevates us each moment and that fire inside which keeps pushing us outside of our comfort zone and makes us achieve those beautiful things which define us and to a certain extent which keep every spirit in our lives alive.

Having said this, I wouldn’t want to be completely against fate either, I am unsure about that whole conundrum. But something I am sure of is what Hawking says – even fatalists look at either end of the road, there is perhaps not an easy way to say and give it all up. We love the sense of control, we love the sense of working towards those things which mean a lot to us. We love the very sense and the very definition of US. Perhaps if a fatalist can define that, then I guess that  might be the way to go! Till then, I would certainly like to believe that I am in control, even if it is a lie!!


It’s your troubles, who can handle it better than you? 

The past was yesterday wasn’t it? 



14 thoughts on “How much do you believe in fate?

  1. interpretation chennagide..:)
    fate and believer both are mutually co-existence for a task to get completed

  2. There are few things which are not in our control – birth n death, everything else is the result of our own past/current actions. Swami Vivekananda has explained it very well in karma yoga.

  3. Imagine a goat (or your favourite animal) tied to a peg with a short rope. Now, it can do as it pleases, but within the perimeter of the circle the tied rope can draw. Beyond that, it neither can do anything nor know much. Of course, if it decides to bite its leg within the “smaller pattern” and totally by free will, she is to blame. For the rest (read: larger pattern) it doesn’t matter anyway. 🙂

    1. Thank you Sakshi, I think you have weaved it a lot more beautifully than the post did. The comment says it all, you can either choose to stay within the boundaries or chew them off. Clever 🙂

    1. Thank you Ankita.. True, maybe fate does play a role, I have often heard this one statement – Not realizing our dreams which gets us closer to destiny. I am sometimes at loss to understand the complete objectivity of thoughts, it feels as though life at one point is in complete control and at the very same moment it is out of control. Perhaps that in itself is the beauty of it 🙂

  4. Everything happens for a reason…
    what should happen should certainly is beyond our control
    If its favourable it is LUCK unfavourable is FATE…
    AND lastly i say
    I totally believe in god who writes my days. 🙂

    1. Perhaps true Veena, I think it is probably be the best way to handle something when it has happened, I do agree to a certain extent that on the broader scheme of things all occurrences lead us somewhere.. I am sometimes confused about the concepts of definition though, I finally come to a thought that it all happens to bring the best out of us 🙂

  5. I think I am master of my fate.. I’m controlling everything that happens to me.. good or bad.. And I also think that attitude plays very vital part in believing in fate. How we look at things is a subjective matter, so I think this discussion is never going to end… at ant point of time.. 😉 🙂
    In my view, I am responsible for what is happening to me & I am master of my fate!!

    1. That’s the spirit Pratik, missed you around here a bit. Hope things are going great :).

      I agree, there are so many conflicting thoughts about what controls us and what we control, and it is always a great feeling to be in control of things around us. That way we have more responsibility to own up to and be a part of~

  6. I loved sakshi’s comment. no beating that!! yes..i do believe in fate. There is a proverb in tamil which goes “Vidhi vigidam buthi anusaranai” which means the As the fate deems it, the mind thinks and acts. am not going to even start talking on fate…its a whole new work 🙂

    1. :).. That’s actually a very nice quote. Hadn’t heard of it – In my defense I really don’t understand Tamil ;). But a very sensible one Preethi, mind acts as the fate deems it. It has got a certain depth into it. He he and it is a whole new post indeed 😀

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