How lucky do you feel?

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Luck is believing you’re lucky.

Tennessee Williams

People have often told me that I am very lucky. For that I have looked back, with a slightly blank expression, looked at them to try and understand what they mean by it and then shrug my shoulders, smile cos honestly I really don’t know what to say to that.

But if you look at it closely, I have been quite lucky, I was lucky that I was one among the toppers of the class, I was really lucky to end up in the highest paying job in college which I quit cos I hated every bit of it cos I had the lousiest manager. I was luckier to make it to the IAS exams in the first two attempts and lose out in the interview. Turns out I was the luckiest there to find the best boards for an interview score which killed the effort of 3 years. I then realized I was also very lucky that I ended up in a coaching class trying to teach people for an exam which I really didn’t believe in. I felt really lucky when I realized that the co-ordinator didn’t give me enough classes for his own personal reasons and luckier to realize that what I did there didn’t mean a thing!

Well, if you think I am complaining, I am really not; looking back I honestly do feel very happy about the things that have happened.  I have come to realize that luck is just a word! I mean what has happened in life has happened, the only thing we need to look at is what we do about it. I have often battled this luck a lot in my thought process, blamed it, hated it and I really wished if only I could kill it. But none of these thoughts ever mattered. The more I blamed luck, the more I felt sorry for myself and the end result like you can guess can never get you what you want.

Someone once told that if you don’t get to realize your dream it probably leads you to your destiny. That may or may not be true, I had a set of reasons for what all I have done so far and I am fairly happy about it cos I know I have given my all to what I have done so far, no matter what the results have been.

Now if I ask myself how lucky I am, I perhaps am quite blessed that way! In the past one year I had an opportunity of being on NDTV for a short interview, had a great opportunity of meeting and interacting with the former UN secretary Kofi Annan, have been blessed to partner in a company which I believe to the core and work in a field where I think what I do really matters and I can see myself making that difference to myself and what I do. Honestly if I look at the word LUCK now, I realize that our shares of luck are always there. They might not open up the moment we want them, but they certainly will. Maybe we have to wait a bit till we deserve them or work harder to deserve them.

I honestly don’t believe that someone can be more lucky than the other. Life is a full circle with so many areas to make a difference in. Someone lucky in one field doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she is going to be great in others as well. The beauty is in the balance you maintain and how you want to live your life. It is in your definition, your thoughts, your dreams and your desires. Above all it is in you, it is in the person you want to become. You can choose any words you like but an honest suggestion would be choose your own self and the rest will find a way to follow you! 


Are you not getting what you want? 

What if things are uncertain? 

What if it was all temporary? 



13 thoughts on “How lucky do you feel?

  1. Tumba chennagi barithira, odtha idre haage odthane irana ansuthe, nanu kuda SAP labs li work madthide, kelsa bittu igu IAS ge tayyari nedasthaidini, ee varsa exam kuda baritohini, hope i could make myself and my parents proud. 🙂 please continue motivating us!!!

    1. Thanks so much Yashwanth.. Tumbaa khushi aagatte idanna odakke, gives me a lot of inspiration to keep writing and keep doing more of this.

      I am sure it will be great fun going ahead with the exams. Give it all you got, I am sure you can make a huge difference :).. Always happy to be of help mate 🙂

  2. When people say I am lucky for the trips I get, I take it as a compliment 😀

  3. Luck is your unconscious, I believe with Jung. Of course, that means a great part of your personality.

    1. Spot on Matheikal. That is a very impressive way of looking at things. It always keeps you on an action mode which is definitely the best way ahead. Thank you for your thoughts 🙂

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