Happiness is in giving

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I was my way back to home, a two wheeler passes by me, and I saw a boy having chocolate and I was very tempted to have one. However, since it was already quite late, I couldn’t make a stop to pick one. Well I reach home, a little disappointed and with the hunger for chocolate and I see a big chocolate in my brother’s room, I couldn’t control my excitement and happily took it and thanked him (Such a good feeling when someone gets your thought pattern right? 😉 ) .

Well, looks like my happiness was short lived, he said it was for the next day journey of his. So much for the telepathy thing right? 😀

Naturally I was a little angry and walked off! watched TV for a bit, ate my dinner, of course cursed my brother and then went back to my room. Well I guess I nodded off, somehow to wake up in the middle of the night – Maybe the chocolate craving was still at its high and to my right on the pillow I see the same chocolate – talk about hallucination! Well I guess only this time, it was all true, the real full chocolate, waiting to be devoured!

Well I just went up to my brother and asked “why did you give me” he said ” I think you would enjoy this more than me” and I just saw the smile which told me all I wanted to hear.

Now I am thinking, why this small incident needs to be an article? It is nothing extraordinary a sacrifice to share a chocolate, but I guess the message was something deeper than that. It conveyed that he really did care to see to it that it reached me. Sometimes I guess the simple actions are underrated, I could have just smiled and let it go, he could have just smiled and let it go. But neither of us did. Maybe that’s cos – Little Things Don’t mean a Lot, They Mean Everything! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Happiness is in giving

    1. Thank you Kavya 🙂 .. It is one statement I have loved the most when I was reading Anthony Robbins, or maybe I heard it in a lecture, but it is definitely something that hit the most and has stayed on for a long time.. Glad that we could make a post out of it 🙂

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