Goals Are Not Only Necessary To Motivate Us, They Are Essential To Keep Us Alive : Robert Schuller

To Keep Us Alive:
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“Goals are not only absolutely necessary to motivate us. They are essential to really keep us alive”

  • Robert Schuller

Well, we all lead a pretty tightly scheduled, ambitious life style – or I’d like to think most of us do. And these ambitions vary right from the perfect career, family, loved one, house, boss, children, parents and so on. It is as if the list never ends and it is amazing how much inspiration we drive from each of these goals. And it is even more amazing as to how much meaning we derive to our lives because of these goals. They simply mean so much – they simply give us a purpose to live, a mission to accomplish and constantly put us into action. For this same reason, we came up with our post : 8 Golden Rules To Ensure Success In Setting Goals And Achieving Dreams

Goals are not only necessary to motivate us: The Goals That Inspire Us

So, no wonder that these goals inspire us, especially the ones about the career, money, satisfaction and so on – the ones which reflect the ambition aspect of life. And to an extent the goals act as standards we would expect from life and that comes in the department of family, friends, social standing and so on. Either ways, these goals or standards or whatever we decide to call them do set a certain definition as to who we really are and what our aspirations and expectations from life are. In other words, as Robert Schuller says – these are the ones which we need to keep us alive.

And there is no way we are going to fulfil all these goals, there will always be something or the other amiss. There are simply so many areas and so many ambitions or requirements in life that as long as there are dreams, passions and desires in this world, there will be a whole lot of goals circled around them. That way, these goals ensure that we are on the journey of the bigger mission what we call the dream or our aspirations from life. So no wonder that the goals keep us alive for there is no way we are going to be alive without these very passions which define the juice of life.

Goals are not only necessary to motivate us: The Evolution Of Goals

But I think that is the beauty of these goals and aspirations in life that they are never going to be complete. In other words, there is a constant push towards something and constant action which is taking us somewhere. It is a really boring life when we set our mind on a few TO DO tasks in life and then tick them off and gain a sense of accomplishment. And even if we do, I doubt if it is going to last for a longer duration. The beauty of these goals is in how they grow along with us. I realise that my goals today are a lot different than the ones when I was a kid. And the goals for tomorrow are not going to be the exact same ones which I have today. The evolution simply is a fantastic process which keeps us not just alive but full of life and there is always something or the other to do. The action never stops this way.

So, why wait – get, set go :)..

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  1. It is very essential to set goals in life as they provide us the right direction to work towards achieving success. Quite in-depth insights Vinay. Thanks for sharing such deep thoughts on the subject! 🙂