Gay Marriages: Wrong? Unnatural? -> Grow Up!

Well, it’s about time gay marriages are embraced!

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Same-sex marriage Taiwan

Article By: Preethi Anantha Narasimhan

While the US is celebrating this great day, I just thought of the rationale behind all the opposition all these days. And for all the taboo around it even today in some countries. And I genuinely found no sense in it.

It’s a shame that India is yet to open its mind towards it. I feel deeply for those still fighting this battle in India. I wish that it is legalised here too, soon!

Some of the arguments from the people who are against gay marriages and why such arguments shouldn’t be there at all..

It is against nature

If that is the argument, then what is more natural than the emotions we feel? The feelings that spur within two individuals for each other?? What can be more natural than love?

The entire notion of society is built upon the notion of what is right and what is wrong to the majority. Who are we to stop two individuals from doing something harmless to any other individual, based on the notion of what is natural and what is not? Society itself is not natural!

If everyone on the planet turns gay what will happen to earth?

This is so far the most ridiculous one I’ve heard!

Going by the same logic of what is natural, it will be a natural thing if that happens too, isn’t it? If at all, nature wanted that out of humanity, it’ll take its course and so be it!

 “Who is stopping them from living together? Let them do what they want, why get married? The sanctity of marriage will be tainted..”

This was an argument from somebody about gay marriages. So the whole institution of marriage has been branded as something that can happen between a man and a woman?? I feel the whole institution has been patronised to such an extent that the genuine bonding between two people has taken a back seat. Be it an arranged marriage or love marriage, it can only work if the two people in it are willing to commit to one another. A marriage that has been imposed on two people is only law and is completely devoid of the sanctity that is in question.

So, when the ‘society’ has come to a point where many people think of marriage as a ‘security’ to ensure one is not cheated, abandoned, etc., etc. where is sanctity? If a person is in a marriage because he is bound by the law surrounding it and the fear of society, where is sanctity in such a marriage?

Marriage Is a lot of different things

same sex marriage, gay marriage images, gays marrying legalized, gays weddingMarriage means a lot of different things to different people. It is extremely meaningful and deeply respected if the couple in it find it for themselves and are willingly committed. Isn’t such a marriage more of a marriage than the one that is in place to force the two individuals to be committed and give them security?
Just because two people are of the same sex, they are not allowed to marry even if they are deeply in love?? Even if marriage means the exact same things to them as for a straight couple? They are not given the privilege of binding their relationship into a marriage that means equally deep to them as it does to straight couples??

For some reason, I do not understand what, the relationship between gay couples is not considered deep enough. The love they share has been judged without any basis, as not serious enough and not so respectful! Its high time that people got their heads wrapped around the fact that love is just love! No one can possibly completely know what it means to the couple who are in love and it gives us no right to judge them.

While I write this, I earnestly wish that prejudiced people in our society get over this prejudice and start respecting gay couples!

In the end all we would like to say is this:

In the end

We would love to hear your point of view

  1. Gay marriage would be a form of social acceptance by the country which they truly deserve. If they want to live to together they don’t need anyone’s approval , they’ll live anyhow, but it’s upto us to let them live with pride. Great post.

  2. If two persons of the same sex are emotionally attached and, want to get married, I don’t find anything wrong in it. It’s time that the society should cure itself of being homophobic. Nice post…. 🙂

  3. I am happy reading the confusion about GAY MARRIAGES.
    I agree, if two persons loving each other remain together as married, what is problem if they have same sex? In fact love is missing in most of the real marriages!
    I liked reading your detailed explanation of the subject with rational explanation.
    Thanks and congratulations.

  4. Isnt it strange that the whole argument of ‘it is not natural’ is strange? As you said, society itself is unnatural. Men created rules to ensure having a better life. But now, lives are being ruled by rules which were created for a different generation or century. But gay people did not exist only in the past few decades. They have been always there. Just accept it.

  5. I certainly find it different but not wrong. Who decided what is natural ? Isn’t the way one feels is the most natural feeling ?
    For me, as long as two people of opposite or same sex love,care and respect each other – its fine.There MUST be a freedom to live one’s own life without being discriminated.

  6. Very well written. I would say if its unnatural , sickness etc then do come forward and cure them of this. They would be very happy to be cured and socially acceptable. Having a transgender as a classmate for five years has shown me the how sad and dejected part of society they are.

    • Thank you and welcome aboard to inspire99. It is very unfair that it is being viewed a sickness, esp when it is a personal choice. It reminds me of the movie on Alan Turing and how he was treated for just being gay. Chemical castration and what not. It is simply awful to know that as a society we took so many years, infact centuries to even talk about this problem and unfortunately it is still being considered illegal in a few nations. Sheesh!!