Finding Fault

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The paths of judgement and solutions are always strewn with surprises and confusions. It is almost instantaneous for us to come to a decision upon an event, a judgement if I may say. Also it maybe a natural stock response for us to do that, perhaps it is right as well. But Henry Ford does offer an interesting perspective to focusing on realities and the repercussions of an event. Perhaps it is direct for us to find fault, easy to gratify ourselves, but an unpleasant event also brings in a different set of thoughts as well. If I may –

  • Judgement is easy, it is fairly direct and simple for us to point out who is wrong and who is right and we may be completely justified in every front. But is the judgement helping us? Is it aiding the thought process and getting us toward solution?
  • It does hurt, sometimes to take a fall for someone else’s mistake, it does feel  itchy and annoying, but again, the bigger question would still haunt me, what is more important? Is it the fault or what follows that?
  • Finding fault may make you feel better but that hardly solves anything! Isn’t that true? Why are we doing this in the first place? Is it about making us feel better? I guess a part of it maybe true. But we are all evolved people here, we do know that it is not just about feeling better, it is quite easy to find ways for that. But I guess we need to be a little bigger than that. Cos in the end I am sure it is not the faults which matter, it is what we are after.

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