Everyday You Need To Unlearn!

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The Ways That Hold You Back – Unlearn!

I read something very profound a few days back – it said, habits make you the person you are. Whether it is good or bad, it is a different thing, but it is the habits which largely define the way we are as people. It is the way we think, the way we respond, the way we react and preach and talk and what not. It is in all of those actions we do on a regular, consistent basis which defines what we are as a whole.

No matter how much we would like to deny, there are these wonderful habits we have which make us amazing people. Luckily for us, these habits are quite a few in number which basically conveys that there are pretty good people around. However, there are also these things called habits which sometimes work completely against us. And these are the ones which we would like to say need “Unlearn”ing.

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Every Day You need to Unlearn

The meaning of Unlearning!

As kids, we are always taught to learn as many things as possible. Learning from books, friends, neighbours, tv, magazines, internet and what not. And the process continues as we are adults as well. However, most adults forget to tell us one thing – “In the process of learning, you do pick up a lot of nonsense”, nonsense like

  • People will not respect you if you make a mistake
  • You are stupid
  • The whole society is watching every action you do, so you should be very careful
  • Although taking risks in life is good, you should not take them because they have the capacity to hurt you.
  • If you study properly in life, that is all you will ever need for lasting success

And so on.. The list never seems to complete for me.

Why Unlearn?

If you look at the above reasons we gave, you can make out that some of them are absolutely ludicrous. They don’t make any sense at all. Unfortunately these are the lessons that are taught by our culture or environment, something we don’t consciously pick up but are presented with. These are the beliefs we have experienced or heard from people and decided to make it a part of our life.

You can clearly see how constrained our beliefs can be if we decided to believe them. So, there sure are some things which we need to consciously get rid of. In other words – “Unlearn”. I think our minds are way too precious to keep in a lot of garbage, we need to process and throw away the unnecessary stuff.

The Truth!

The truth is that not everything makes sense all the time. Even the most profound lessons have a propensity of being wrong depending on the timing. I would rather say, instead of picking these universal rules from life, from people who have led a so called “inspiring” lifestyle – you need to know that the life you have led is very different from the ones they have. And you would have to define those rules for you. Sometimes you just consciously have to unlearn a few in order to make pace for something credible and even more important in life.

Sometimes, it is also about keeping our lives and thoughts pretty simple. What do you think?

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