Even Lions lose more than 2/3 of their prey – Failure

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It’s true, Animal Planet said so

I was watching the Animal planet today and was quite surprised to hear this fact about lions. Apparently lions succeed less than 1/3 of the times on their hunt! And I am quite surprised knowing this and it gets me thinking, it is the king of the forest we are talking about and it has a failure rate of more that 2/3! I’m speaking metaphorically of course.

What is our usual failure rate?

But look at the fact, I mean I still find it hard to believe that such an animal equipped with such beautiful features and strengths and skills with a success rate so low. Well I guess it is time for the lions to revisit their hunting strategy in that case ;).  But look at the bigger picture, what is our usual failure rate? Would it be 50/30/10 or 5 and sometimes even 0%. I am sure there are very few of us with a failure rate greater than that. If we look holistically at our lives I am sure the success rates would be way higher. Now that brings me to the bigger question – How often do we evaluate ourselves and what are the parameters we do so in?

Do we over evaluate ourselves?

Turns out, we keep evaluating ourselves more often than needed and the surprising part is we tend to steer clear from the achievements we have made in our lives  and focus on what is not right and what is not working out for us. Very rarely have I met people who are widely satisfied with who they are but with an urge to keep doing what they do cos it is the sheer sense of inspiration and the hunger to do something that is keeping them alive. More often than not we end beating ourselves up for the sheer reason that something minor or somthing considerable  is not working in our favour? It is certainly great to acknowledge our mistakes or failures if I may call them so, but that is not everything we are. I think it is a very wrong cultural delusion to expect a 100% efficiency in everything we do. We will fail in a few – so what? Big deal? Even a lion loses more than 50% of the time, and we are worrying about losing 1-2 small battles? I think we are being a little unfair on ourselves, and we probably need to look at the bigger picture every once in a while to set things in proper priority.

We can’t let the details run our lives, we run our lives and details are a part of it!


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