The Era Of Online Shopping!

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The Era Of Online Shopping!

The one element that has swept the market in the recent past has been the focus on online shopping. I remember the first time I actually ordered online – I was highly doubtful and it was the time I had heard about Flipkart who according to my friend gave amazing discounts on books. And since I was quite into them atleast at that point of time, I thought – “Hey, Why Not?!” It does save a lot of time for me to go to the store and then pick up a a book. Instead I can just do it conveniently and it does save me about 20-30% which a retailer would not offer. And thus began the entry to online shopping. And now it has gone on from books to footwear, electronic stuff and a lot more. I guess apart from clothes the online shopping market has surely made inroads. 

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The Era Of Online Shopping

We all are aware of the Flipkart Big Billion Day where they hit a billion sale just 6Hrs after the sale went online. Imagine 1 billion in just that fraction of time?! It seems impossible to say the least but that is the extent online shopping has made inroads to and I am just talking about one service provider here – Flipkart. The other sites too have made it equally impressive and I guess of late I have become a huge fan of and I find their offers and also the prices pretty competitive. I think of the three SnapDeal is a relatively old one and so is ebay. However with the way recent trends have shaped up, the three biggest giants remain – Flipkart, Amazon and snapdeal

Apart from these, I am very curious about zoutons which has started offering discount coupons for these sites like Snapdeal Zouton Coupons, ebay, flipkart, amazon. I am yet to understand the marketing model of a site which offers these coupons but it does sound pretty exciting. The one thing I can think of right now is that the market is evolving to provide the customer the best possible option to buy a product of the same quality at a low price provided one plays the online shopping well. The discounts out there seem very promising and I myself have been quite lucky in getting a decent price for the products I am interested in.

The one trick I realized is to know the product you are buying, do a crossreference in the popular sites like flipkart, amazon, ebay and snapdeal and then find a competitive price. Also do be careful about the shipping charges while you place an order and make the best choice. One idea I love about the entire process is that the customer is still the king and he still gets the best offer. There have been proponents of the physical shops and I don’t deny them but I think in the end, the market is such that it provides the best possible option for the customer who has to make a clever choice while he picks up the product he desires.

Happy shopping 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Era Of Online Shopping!

  1. You said it absolutely right Vinay that customer is the king, but yes customer need to be cautious about purchasing anything online, else the customer might have to face issues as well. I normally prefer Flipkart over any other ecommerce site and despite prefer to purchase from them if I need to pay a bit more to them. Reason being their prompt delivery and customer care service. Though my second choice is Amazon, they too do have the best customer care approach and prompt delivery….

  2. Absolutely right Vinay ! Its the in thing, easy, sitting at home shopping and convenient too.

    BUT ….
    …. the biggest downside of it as per my mum-in-law is “one can’t haggle Beta ” he he 😀 ROFL

    NOTE – she( and my other aunts) also miss the outing the real shopping provides her(them) complete with PaniPuri and chats … and gossip with the shopkeepers 🙂 😛
    you, and I, just can’t beat that 😀

  3. With increase no of internet user online shopping trend is becoming popular everywhere. Now a days many product are available only on online shopping sites. Most of Online Shopping sites are also providing free home delivery with cash on delivery option. With online shopping one can enjoy shopping by comparing prices from different sites from home or office or anywhere.

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