Each One Of Us Sees In Others What We Carry In Our Own Hearts – Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote

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Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote:

“Each One Of Us Sees In Others What We Carry In Our Own Hearts “
– Ralph Waldo Emerson. 

Paraphrasing this – What you see is what you are – Right?

If you said maybe – then this post is for you.

Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? – What you see is what you are, just like a mirror. In this case, it is just that we mirror the qualities we have in common with them and we actually see what we are or at least what we are looking for.

This reminds me of a story – Once a tourist to a place asks the local

Once a tourist to a place asks the local

– How are people in your country? Are they Good?

And the man asks in return

– Well, that depends; How are people in your country? 

The tourist said

– Most of them are irritating bums and they are very rude and self-centred.

The man replied 

– Sir it is highly likely that you will find similar ones here too. 

The moral of the story is pretty simple – we will always find what we are looking for. If we are trying to find fault with people, we will be sure to find them cos we are that good at it! The truth is that it is very easy to spot mistakes and the more we find with people, the more we are focussed on mistakes and perfection. If we ask a question as to why we are trying to fault with people, one of the answers we might get are

– At some level, we are insecure and showing that someone is inadequate makes us feel a bit better about ourselves

– The simple plain ego, the attitude to prove that I am better than someone

– Competitiveness – Not really for a prize! 

– To show that you are a perfectionist. 

There can be plenty other reasons, but we don’t really care as to what the reasons are. What we are trying to establish here is a perspective of looking at people and at our surroundings. The more we look at the negative side of the world, the more depressed it looks.

The more we look at the positive aspects of life – the more we the brighter colors of life. There is no way you are going to find that perfect person in this world. Every one of them will have something or the other which you might find annoying. Don’t make it your life’s purpose to find fault with people – None of them are going to like you for that.

Instead, try to find what is great about every single person you meet. You don’t need to lie or flatter or even be dishonest. Just try to find something interesting and something you can appreciate about every person you meet. It can be their hair or their teeth, the way they smile – One simple thing and tell them that. Don’t just think and feel good to move on. Tell people that – they deserve to know.

Be curious about people – Instead of thinking whether they did something right or wrong, think about why they did it. It is simple human curiosity which helps you know better about people. We made a post yesterday on the 5 Basic Questions To Identify Good People In Life which you might find relevant in this context.

It is very easy to find fault with people. Culturally, all along our lives we have been taught that either consciously or uncounsciously. We need to step out of our ignorant beliefs and look at the larger picture of life. The question is as simple as this – If you want to find the beauty in life, look at something to appreciate in every single person you meet. If you want to lead a miserable life, then go ahead and be a perfectionist and a proper pain in the wrong place. The choice quite simply is yours!

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2 thoughts on “Each One Of Us Sees In Others What We Carry In Our Own Hearts – Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote

  1. What a wonderful post vinay……seriously u r amazing :)) i am a fan of ur writing skills 🙂

    You can shut your eyes to what you don’t want
    to see, but you can’t close your heart to what you don’t want to feel.

    paint a picture and only see what we want…. never taking a moment to
    see what is really there…
    What are you seeing??? What do you want to see?? “Quantum Physics
    tells us that nothing that is observed in unaffected by the observer. That
    statement, from science, holds an enormous and powerful insight. It means that
    everyone sees a different truth, because everyone is crating what they see.

    1. Thank you Nanhi. That is such a sweet comment, you really did make my day :). It is days like these which makes us feel that what we write is really worth something. Thanks for making me so happy :).

      I like how you have explained here in those two sentences – closing our eyes to what we don’t want to see and avoiding a few experiences cos we are not very comfortable with them.

      That’s a very interesting touch. I have always been a huge fan of physics , the quantum physics element to this quote is simply brilliant :). And true that – everyone sees a different truth and sometimes we only see what we are prepared to see and what we want to see. Truth never is objective is it?! 🙂

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