Don’t Put A Limit On Anything, The More You Dream The Farther You Get – Michael Phelps Quote Meaning

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Michael Phelps:

michael phelps dont put a limit on anything quote meaning, meaning of motivational quotes, michael phelps motivational quote, quote on limitations on dream and its meaning, self improvement and dreams quote“Don’t Put A Limit On Anything, The More You Dream The Farther You Get”

– Michael Phelps

Who hasn’t heard of Michael Phelps and who doesn’t remember the amazing swimming records he set straight in the Olympics. 18 Olympic golds, 11 individual golds – sheesh just the list of accomplishments alone can fill an entire page here :D. Although I am very tempted to talk about that, we shall try and restrict ourselves to this wonderful quote from Michael Phelps and its meaning.

What Are These Dreams?

Why, these are the most wonderful things on earth. These are the things we want to do. This is the quality of life which we envisage for ourselves. In an ideal world, the dream is the perfect picture we would want to fill colours to, a happy life and a completely fulfilled life where nothing ever is gonna bother us, a life where each one of our capacities is lived at its highest level.

Well, life is not just about the capacities and the dreams, is it?

What Are The Hindrances For Our Dreams?

In short, I guess the answer is reality. Some of them say resources. Let us make a list shall we?

  • Time
  • Resources
  • Financial Independence
  • Family Support
  • Motivation
  • Capacity
  • Society

And so on..

Granted that these are the real hindrances, but the question goes a little beyond that.

What is more important – The dream or the Hindrances?

Limitations On Our Dream!

Let us forget the limitations imposed by the external factors for a while. We don’t have much of a control about it and we do not know how some things are going to turn out. For one moment, let us just focus within and see what limitations we put on ourselves to achieve our own dreams.

One of the foremost reasons is our failures or the outcomes of our past. Sometimes the past hurts so much that we forget the adventurous spirit in us although we know that it is a completely fresh thing. We forget to land in a blind trust and convince ourselves saying that we are mature – quite a sophisticated rationalization I would say just so that we don’t hurt that much when we lose. But the question is – are we giving it all we got or are we letting the fear stand in the way of our attempt.

We All Have Challenges

I agree that it is never easy to stand with your head held high and face the challenges head on when they keep pushing you down. Well, life never promised us to be easy or simple and it never will be. There will be these challenges and things simply don’t work the way we want them to. It is sorta the law of life. But let’s let that go aside. We got to do what all we can, if not for anything else, just for the feel that we know that we have given the dream everything it deserved, everything we could cos the dream really deserves it.

We all have a past and we all have a screwed up one. We all have limitations and those too are pretty screwed up. We all have a life and that too is pretty screwed up sometimes 😀 😀 .

But that is no excuse for the life we want right? Michael Phelps makes sense when he says this – Don’t put limitations on your dreams- cos it is very easy to see our limitations, restrictions and it is very easy to justify our failures as well.

But the simple honest truth is that no one really cares. No one gives a damn except for you.

If that is the case, why bother about the external limitations at all? Life is pretty simple sometimes and life is awfully complicated too. We got to make the best of the options available to us and the more we focus on that, the more we get closer to our real dreams.

For we all have one life and a life without dreams becomes pretty meaningless sometimes doesn’t it?!

And above all, we really owe something to the dream 🙂

This was our quote of the day, thanks to Micheal Phelps and the brilliant undertones which add meaning to his quote. Stay tuned in for more.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Put A Limit On Anything, The More You Dream The Farther You Get – Michael Phelps Quote Meaning

    1. Thank you Kokila :). I guess no matter what we do, we shall always have those challenges. But I also believe that those are something which make the entire journey worthwhile. We would really be nothing without those wonderful challenges in our lives 🙂

  1. Motivating post as always. “And above all, we really owe something to the dream”- very well said… 🙂

    1. Thank you Maniparna :). I really feel so, I mean we all have those beautiful dreams and have smiled about them. Atleast for that sake we have a responsibility to fulfil 🙂

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