Do people believe in you?

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You have to believe in yourself when no one else does that makes you a winner right there.

-Venus Williams

Well! I guess that depends, on what you have done so far, how many people you have let down, how many of them have let you down, how many promises you have kept and how many more you are likely to keep, what are the risks involved and so on and so forth. It also depends on other factors like who they are, how much they trust you, how much they like you, how willing they are to stick to your rights and so on. It also depends on how you have treated them in the past, the promise of how you are going to treat them in future, the advantages and the disadvantages of the two and so on.. I guess I can keep going on here making up a set of specious reasons and say why people can’t believe in you all the time or we can stipulate that as an understanding and try to seek a little ahead.

To be honest, I really don’t like complaining a lot, although the first paragraph seems like I really really do :D. ( Do I complain too much? )  But trust me, I don’t ! I really do understand that everyone in the world has their own limitations, everyone has their own challenges to face, the amount of time is limited and so are the emotions. I sometimes feel that it is wrong of us to expect that people would continue believing in us no matter what we do. That probably takes us to the extent of taking the other person for granted which we can never afford, not in any relationship, let alone the ones you really care for!

But then, what is the point I am trying to drive here? Well, it might be this – There will be times when people cannot afford to believe in you. There will be times when they will not be able to stand up for you. But that doesn’t mean that they are bad or that they do not care for you, it just means that they are not able to understand or relate to it. You may try and make them understand all of it if you think they are worth it and they may still not understand or you can sometimes let it go and keep doing it cos you believe in it that much. Belief is not a theory which keeps changing on other person’s opinion. You can modifying the beliefs in such a way that they serve you and make your life a little better and a little more interesting, but it always depends on what cos you are doing it as well.

I guess enough of beating around the bush now, all I am trying to say here is that, there will be situations where you feel that no one is going to believe you no matter what you do. You think that what you are doing is the best bet whereas a hundred of them think that it is not, they think that it is foolish and they think that it is going to fail. Hang in there, smile at them, for at the moment they may be right. But they do not know your plan, they do not know your future, they do no know how things are going to come around. I remember the story of Sony when they were offered a buy out when they were in the worst loss of their time. The owner decided to say NO, he decided stick to his belief that it was worth more or he was going to make it worthy enough of that. And today SONY is a world leader of all accords. At that day and that moment, I am sure most of them found that the decision was stupid and most of them went out of their way to prove it so as well. But in the end nothing really matters, not cos he was stubborn, but cos he knew what his decision was and what he was going to do about it. I can probably write a few more examples of such giants in the field, maybe about Steve Jobs, or Bill gates who decides to quit his education, or maybe Einstein who keeps going even after missing about a 1000 times. I would like to think that they had one thing in common, the BELIEF!

There was that one thing which kept telling them to believe in themselves no matter how wrong things seemed. And that right there was the winner. You may have a few of those with you right now, at this moment and it might be being subdued in the noise and the chaos of life around. Touch base with yourself, listen to your inner voice cos there is nothing that is going to be truer than that!

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18 thoughts on “Do people believe in you?

  1. It is very important to take the first step that is “believe in yourself”. It helps us in drawing the outline of our dream and motivates to work for it till the task end with all “ifs and buts”. Great post Vinay !

  2. Well, this was the question which bothered me so long in past. To be very frank I received the answer to this question, once I started blogging.
    Self belief is something which you need to develop from the inner core of your heart. And one more thing no one else will be able to develop this feelings of self belief inside you…

    1. That’s so right Alok, self belief is something which has to develop from the inner core, esp when people around you doubt your methods and approaches, it does take a lot of guts and a lot of strength to find that inside us. But the moment we find it, we don’t need to look for it anywhere else. That in my opinion is BLISS 🙂

  3. Frankly I am not sure how to tell when one believes in you. How easy is it to know that its authentic belief and not superficial, just to get away or get something done from you?

    1. That’s right Seeta, it is very hard to identify who really is on your side and who is just pretending to be there. And sometimes we don’t even know how authentic it is. But I guess none of that really matters the moment we find that source of energy within us. That somehow manages to put everything in place 🙂

  4. I feel good when people believe on me. However, I feel better when they don’t. My desire to achieve what they think that I can’t, gets even more stronger and then I become more determined to make that thing happen.

  5. Well,i think this is not the question one should ask from him/herself.Let the people decide by themselves.Our job should be to help others if we can and move on.We can’t keep everybody happy make them believe us.

    1. Thank you Bikram. I agree, that certainly is not the question most times. Most times it is all about ourselves, But I guess it is quite hard to escape those questions as well. The course of life is well rounded, self doubt, self belief, looking at society for answers and realizing that we have better answers within – they all form such a beautiful course of thoughts 🙂

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