Do I complain too much?

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It is very interesting to come across varied quotes and the dimensions they trigger a thought in and reinterpret both the thoughts and our lives  in multitudes. One such thought was the one above which says – “Too many people complain”. Perhaps a part of it is true and perhaps it is not, but something that makes me think is what all I have complained about so far.


If I try and recall all the stupid things I have done in my life so far, I complained about the PE teacher in school who always made me an extra player, the school for not offering cricket as an option for sports, parents for not letting me play as much as I wanted to.


As I grew up, I guess the number of people to complain about widened as well – It was the school examiners who did not allow us to copy :P, it was the evaluator who purposefully gave me slightly lower marks :D, it was the judges who were suspiciously biased towards others, the examination system. Well as things changed further, it was the society which kept asking me what I wanted to do, it was the friends with whom I had a difficult time gelling with, the enemies which I so fondly made, the people around and sometimes even the inner me who wanted to do so many things and found a reason not to.


And I realize now that even now there are quite a few things to complain about if I want to. But that is probably the beauty of growing up, after complaining so many times, I guess at one point I had to realize that it was not going to achieve anything on its own. The only sensible thought was – there is something wrong, try and fix it, if you can’t fix it, try to live with it. I guess at a certain point, I was even tired of complaining cos I realize it drained me off a lot of energy from what I wanted to do and I really wanted to do a lot of things.

Well like I said, the probable thought of growing up sucks but it perhaps makes most sense. Cos now I realize that all the things I complained about were very trivial, there were really no reasons to keep me worried or in a thought process. When you see certain things which deserve your worry, the rest of them somehow fade into the far past and they don’t seem to bother us anymore.


Some may call it tolerance, some may call it growing up and some may even call it maturity. Well no matter what definition we give, what thought we give to a certain occurrence, I guess it all boils down to one question – Do you like what you see? If not what can you do about it to change – If it is the outcome and you can make a difference, go ahead and do it. If not, then perhaps change the way you look at it cos there is enough beauty in every direction if you just decide to look it.


For people who complain, the world is always going to be very small, if you want to find it bigger, just open up a little more. Too many people complain anyway, we don’t need to add our name to the list. There is plenty more to do..

23 thoughts on “Do I complain too much?

  1. Some people are always having this tendency of complaining for everything, I don’t know after all why the hell they do see life with so much negativity?

    1. He he he 😀 .. I have often wondered that Alok! Not that I don’t complain, I do.. But there should always be a distance between genuine ones and the fakes! Not many people like to be around a chronic complainer ! 🙂

    2. In this world, there is nothing 100% and nothing 0%, complaining about eveyrthing is mere ill world in this instance. we tend negotiate with our life problem and when the intensity increases or the threshold level crosses, we tend to complain or put blame on 2nd or 3rd person or even on god. complaining is a temporal state of mind until he realizes the real cause,

      1. I like the opening phrase Yashwanth, there is no 100% or a 0%.. I am a big believer in subjectivity too, and it is absolutely spot on that complaining is a very temporary phenomenon .. And most people tend to use it that way too. But something that can define it further can be – how temporary is that temporary , how long is it going to be and how many emotions it is going to create … Food for thought isn’t it ? 🙂

  2. yeah you said it, we all have our fair share in that…won’t deny i complain too. But as you say maturity but there’s also one thing added i guess with it maturity also brings in the essence of it all. Fixing everything is HUGE and impractical…how about fixing oneself…that’s why i wrote what i wrote of course citing one recent incident that ‘ Let’s forget the change and change’. The incident was just an example of the multitudes that we face on daily basis in various aspects of our lives. As usual found this one worth my while too. 🙂 btw u came quickly and voted while i was still editing unknown…pls go back and see that beautiful poetry at the bottom of the page. u will love it Vinay…but i have not composed it. 🙂
    Thanks immensely for encouraging me though 🙂

    1. That’s so right Shivani! Fixing everything, being a perfectionist are a few words which I feel very confused about. I don’t think there will ever be a phase where everything is the way we want it to be. It takes more than that for a happy life. It is perhaps knowing that there will be some screwed up things along the way and living beyond those and not in the fear of them which makes the difference.

      I like the usage – “Lets forget the change and change”. Action certain has a lot more depth and character in it compared to the mere words. Sure Shivani, will definitely have a relook, the first look didn’t show an updated poetry bit. Happy to be doing that 🙂

  3. your last paragraph says it all… and well, i might add. people who complain always will find something to complain about. As for your previous comment…not many people have a choice but to be around a chronic complainer. These people are quite predictable, that is, they are going to complain about everything, so if we remove the cause for complaint, one by one, that is make the environment as complaint free as possible, it will not stop them from complaining, but will make it more difficult for them to complain. The success of your strategy can be determined by the nature of complaint..the reasons get more and more silly. then you can be sure its working…All this effort if you don’t have a choice but to have them around 🙂 too long a comment 🙁 ?

    1. Ha ha not at all Preethi, Bring it on ;). The bigger – The better :).

      I like the usage of the word – Chronic complainer – It has got a certain ring to it ;).I agree, it does become very predictable and people around stop wanting to care which actually is a much worse sign that it appears to be. If people are getting pissed off at us, then that means there is some expectation there. Apathy is the worst form of response for any situation!

      He he, so true, more trivial the reasons, much weaker a representation. Always a pleasure to hear from you Preethi and long ones are my favourites 🙂

  4. High five to that! Actually I get tired of complaining and then decide to start enjoying life after it gets too boring complaining! Jokes apart I come across a breed of people who love to wallow in their complaints and misfortunes.
    Its like the day they are happy for some rare reason…they suddenly feel so guilty as to how they could be happy and not be their usual complaining self!
    I’m not complaining about the length of your post coz I loved it 😉

    1. He he Thank you Vinodini :).. I wonder if we are getting so tired, why are people who actually complain not? ;).. He he I so agree with you, it is as if they are on a treasure hunt for the complaints or the misfortunes and a good thing is way out of the comfort zone 😛

      1. knack for complaining or skilled complainer, which reminds my own frnd case who rejected 5 apti books complaining each book has a problem and solved not correctly or incorrect answers, each book he bot one after another ending up in not writing competitive exam itself,
        this incident i do take it as a lesson and remember everytime i feel o.f complaining and to have tolerance till i made the approach clearly.
        Instead of complaining about complainers, better to discard the issue and learn from it and as above usage says “Lets forget the change and change”.

        1. That’s a really good experience Yashwanth. I think through our life we meet two very interesting kinds- one where we try and see what they do and try to do something similar cos they are so charismatic , the aura and the way they carry themselves – truly a delight to even notice and emulate. And of visit there is the other kind where we must give close attention to what they do so that we know what we shouldn’t do.. I guess those examples too are gonna be very important ;).. It’s a very interesting set of ideas , we definitely need some bad examples to see how we shape up from them 🙂

  5. I think I have a long list in my head after reading this post well not to forget there were times when I as well was in that long list but I think time nourishes you in the best possible way and you understand that if you want something and you don’t get it, then Well Try Harder! Last paragraph says it all!

    1. Morning Yamini! I would love to listen to the list :).. True I think we have all been there , done some stuff.. Most importantly grown from it. But there are a helpless few who desperately want to cling on to it.. I guess for those they have to find a better way to deal with it or else life will get tougher ..

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