Discovering Limits

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 Limits – The boundaries we set for ourselves quoting that something is within our purview of possibilities and some others are not. The question is – what drives these definitions? Is it our thoughts? Our environments? Our ideals? The people we look up to? If they are pulling us down, does it mean that it is time to look beyond and see further?

Impossible – A lovely definition I saw about impossible which split up goes to say – I’m Possible. Of course it is a much clichéd fable but I can’t seem to argue with the logic though.

Discovering – One of the greatest feelers about discovering an idea or a thought is to know and then to know that whether it is a limitation or whether it is something that is trying to bring us forward. If that question is a choice, isn’t the answer too one?

Accepting – Most times we have been in a situation that we have discovered the root cause of the challenge but we prefer to stay neutral at it. As in, it seems a lot easier to shun the situation. But isn’t growth beyond that one strand which holds us back to the one which takes us further?

Action – All said and done, thought is still pale. I do understand and believe in the conundrum that the thought is an inception for action. But does it mean that we are going to think of something and leave it at that? Or does it mean that we are going to act upon it. Cos, let us face it, it is the action which speaks louder than words

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