Desire Big

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It is true that the fire in the belly is the one thing which drives us all and unites us all. We all at one point have, had a dream to start with, a dream that took many shapes and turns and twists, some with a tinge of practicality, some with an idealism, some we followed, some which ran their course. Some which made us happy, some which made us cry.

But there was something which united them all, the sheer pleasure and fun and giving all you got and chasing the dream. The hunger which made us strive and go beyond our limits and create definitions for ourselves and people around. The hunger and pursuit and above all the gut to make that something happen, to create the difference -both in our individual lives and the lives of others.

Along the journey, I am sure there are, will be a lot of things that divert us, persuade us, make us rethink our strategies and sometimes even about our goals. But I guess when we started we did with one reason, the DESIRE. And how much of it we followed was based on one reason – How BIG and STRONG it is/was. The BIG ones made us think and drive in a greater amount of energy and the small ones found a way to wane away. I guess the onus and the choice is on us as to how big we want to make it and the rest can take care of itself.

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