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“What we see depends mainly on what we look for”
– John Lubbock

Quite a simple one isn’t it? We are what we see and we always get to see what we focus on.

It reminds me of an old adage where a young man asks a wise one as to why there is so much of misery in this world and his answer was as simple as – Because that is what you are trying to see.

Although the quote sounds very philosophical, I would rather argue about its practical aspect. Drawing from my experiences as a student, a teacher, an entrepreneur and also an engineer and maybe sometimes as a friend too, I have wondered where our natural focus lies.

As a student with a couple of days for the exam, I used to fret about all the things I didn’t know and was worried if they would be questioned in the exam. As an engineer, on every client call of mine, I used to fret if they asked me about the things I did not know. As a teacher, when I was on the stage, I used to wonder what would happen if the students did not like me. And so on.. I guess the experience still remains as fresh as it was yesterday.

But one thing is true, each time I held my focus on this, I was so conscious about the mishap happening that I almost ensured each time that it really happened. I guess we all are careful as people and we do not like to make any mistakes. And it so happens that this consciousness sometimes overtakes us and all we can think about is the mistake or the fear. And sometimes the fear gets the better off us.

It makes us think the worst of the situations and true enough the chances of that happening are more when we focus more on it. Some may argue that this fear is helping us prepare for the worst situation. I completely agree with you. Fear is a really good thing, but truth is that it is a very very good servant. But as a master, it has its own way of screwing our lives up completely. I am not suggesting to live in denial, but I am certainly suggesting of being aware of our choices and being aware of our focus.

If we have a greater chance at success by focusing on the positives, then why not create it as a habit instead of responding to our cultural training of guilt and feeling bad about it. People don’t have much time for sympathy in this world. Results matter here and we can get there better and faster the moment we start focusing on solutions than problems and the negativity around us.

There is a reason that these positive quotes sustain and this very well might be one. This is our daily quote for the day – Be careful what you focus on, it might very well be your next reality!

However, if the fears are still bothering, you might want to look at these11 practical steps to overcome fear in life

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  1. I love your choice of quotes Vinay… not sure if you’ve noticed… I post one on FB every morning… as my Good Morning message to the world… Cheers buddy 🙂

    • Thank you Archana. It might sound a bit funny but I am getting to relive my life of the past 3-4 years. I used to pen down the quotes which made me stop or think or even reflect a bit and these are making way in the daily quote section these days and I really feel so good writing about them. What would we be without them?! 🙂 ..
      Yes yes Archana I have noticed and I really like following them on your page. Would love to see them coming 🙂

  2. I believe it’s completely based on law of attraction. And I so much follow it. Quoted so well 🙂

  3. You are absolutely correct….If we start taking fear seriously we would definitely end up meeting failure…hence as you mentioned focusing on solution will built your confidence…and eventually fear may be out of sight…..Vinay I truly needed this inspiration today…really going through some fears past couple of days….reading this is making me feel better….

    • Thank you Mayuresh. I am so happy to know that this post helped. More than anything else, the greatest delight for a writer is to know that his piece has touched someone. And to know that as I read your comment is a very thrilling experience mate. I am really happy that it helped. The daily quotes had seen a small gap but they will be on again and they will have more such interesting ones coming. I guess sometimes all we need is a powerful word and a pat on the back and someone to look in the same direction as we do. happy to be a part of that mate 🙂

  4. Sometimes I read your posts and I wonder howcome I din’t think of it this way. Love the way you explain why it is important to search for the right things in our lives. I love this proverb and your thoughts on it are beautiful ! 🙂

    • Thank you Najm. As always you are super sweet and super generous with your comments and I feel rejuvenated reading them each time :).. I am really happy that these thoughts resonate with yours and I am able to convey a message along with it.. I loved this quote too, the focus in the right direction of life sure makes a lot of difference 🙂

  5. Thank you Purba. Glad you enjoyed the post.. The theory of attraction like Tara mentioned. We get what we look for and we also get what we actually are. Just like happiness begets happiness and sorrow begets sorrow, maybe the focus towards solutions also begets some solutions. Life sure gets interesting 🙂

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