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I have often wondered about the importance of communication in a set up either personal or professional and how important the roles it takes. I guess communication is an independent one whether it is a personal or a professional front, all it deals with is finally the relationship and how good we are at maintaining the same.

For instance if we try and look at the above strip, there are two parameters which strike us

1) Doing things cos rest of the others are, without a clarity of vision 

2) Conveying the vision to the delegated employee. 

I guess most companies have tried and answered the first one. The second one is something which baffles me the most. I have often wondered- Why don’t managers explain to us as to why we are expected to do what we do. Probably it is easier to assume that the big picture is something which can be taken for granted and the employee would understand on his own or maybe the simple innocence that an employee need not know what the project or the value addition he is going to make. After all, he is going to be paid any way for the work he is doing and it becomes easy to demand that work.

The thought is, what big a difference would it make to convey the entire big picture and the mission? Granted it is a harder thing to do, but wouldn’t someone be more involved and more enthusiastic to work in a set up where things are more transparent and we know how important we are to a project and how much of a value addition our presence is making? Wouldn’t it be a better result to have ownership of a part of the project rather than accepting the mere responsibility? Isn’t the sense of satisfaction a little more? And above all, doesn’t it fall in line with the broader goal of the company in the name of greater productivity?


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