Caring is better than knowing

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This can be considered a direct sledge against the perfectionists, the aficionados, the brilliant people who we have come across in our lives – those brilliant ones who have made sure they establish their brilliance every step of our lives regardless of what impact it has on the  other individual.

It certainly is a great thing to be brilliant, amazing to know all the answers to what people might ask, wow them with our knowledge, make them appreciate us, make them look up to us. Does it work? Well probably it does and it is absolutely perfect cos we all aspire to be the best and respecting something like that is a natural course. But what sort of unsettles me is that when being right takes the higher priority over being there! I have been in situations where I have tried to be right, at the cost of my friends’ thoughts and emotions only later to realize that I was right all along. And my friends realized that as well. But what was the big loss in it?

I was sweating over the small stuff, I probably relied less on being there for someone compared to being right in that situation. I think sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the details, trying to be right which is an innate thought, but sometimes it probably makes sense to be wrong just for the sake of it. Maybe for the thought that the situation is a little more important than the facts and the person is a lot more important than anything else!


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