The Best Schools In India

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The Best Schools In India

Education is without doubt one of the most amazing industries in the country. Looking back, I think I have become a huge fan of how education, its purpose and its outlook has evolved over the ages. The idea and the thought process has gotten a complete shift now and the goal of education also seems to have changed a bit with a prime focus towards the demand and supply sector. In a way, people already know where to head next now after completing their education.

Best Indian Schools
Best Indian Schools

In a competitive country like India, education does take a prime precedence and it is perhaps the best hope for the country going ahead. Knowing that we are going to be a demographic with the highest youth population by 2035, the demand for skilled work takes a greater precedence and what better than education to get you there. Without doubt there are two prime professional areas of focus in this country

  • Engineering
  • Medical

The other allied sectors too are of a greater importance, but as we know these two areas focus the major chunk of it. Although I do love professing humanities as a segment which is much closer to life, the above two are undoubtedly the prime areas!

Being an engineer, I did make my research about the top colleges in the country and naturally the IITs form the cream of the layer. They involve a IIT JEE exam to be cleared which is definitely a very competitive one and the brightest among them get through. And the top colleges which rule this segment are – IIT Kharagpur, IIT Delhi, IIT Madras, IISC Bangalore and so on. You can find the complete wiki listing here

Of late Engineering has gone on to mostly mean computer science engineering when it comes job options and the growing market. A complete listing of the top computer science colleges, along with their rankings, fee and other details can be found here

And when it comes to the medical schools, the colleges and schools, the top of the list would be AIIMS, JIPMER, CMC Vellore, and so on.

And the higher education courses like the B schools are now taking precedence with two of them making to the top 50 in the world namely Indian School of Business and IIM Ahmedabad. IIM’s sure are the coveted B school degrees and these courses are arguably the cheapest ones compared to the business degrees from other institutes of the same caliber outside of India.

But I do agree that picking up a college is a very tumultuous decision and it does take a toll. That’s when I was a little relieved to see a comprehensive site with the college details along with their fees, rankings, location and all the other details. It really feels good that the guys from have taken a step ahead in that direction to make our decisions slightly easier and our lives a lot simpler 🙂

For all those who are considering your education, it might be worth your while to check out the best ones, make a list of what you think works the best and suits your requirement – right from its quality to convenience and take the right call. After all, you get to do it only once 🙂

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