Being regular at the gym

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Few of the most difficult things I find in life are the ones that circulate around a routine, especially the one when it comes to going to the gym regularly. I have often admired the commitment of people who do it very regularly soon as the sun rises and some even before that and I have often wondered when I would be someone like that. The answer has mostly been never and the rationalization has been that I don’t want such a perfect figure any way! I am quite happy and contented with the way I am and carry myself.

The same thought persisted and now I realize it has been 4 months since I went to the gym and I still found ways to keep myself happy, eat a lot of junk without the fear of how much it was going to add to my fat zones and end of the day I would always tell myself that I will anyway work out. The result after a few months I realize is that the additional weight goes nowhere. The body has assumed that I am going to work out and has naturally started storing everything I eat and I happily keep eating. I still find it quite hard to go to the gym on a regular basis. I have often felt that someday I will do a rigorous work out and things will be in perfect shape. That someday has never come in the past so many years I have known myself and perhaps it never will. I recall that few months ago I just used to go to the gym and the work out was very plain and simple, nothing extravagant and I seemed to be in a very good shape. But what changed now? I mean I realize it doesn’t take a lot to maintain a good structure, but it does take something, perhaps that consistency to take things up in a serious note.

Maybe it is not just about the gym after all, it is about how we treat ourselves, our bodies and is a great reflection about ourselves both to us and to the people around us. The first notion being, how much does one respect oneself if they don’t extend the same to their body? Perhaps it is true. We have often spoken about the mind influencing the body, but perhaps it is important on the other side as well, the body, the confidence it oozes, the gait it offers us certainly must have an influence on our mind as well. After all we are holistic and not an isolated entity.

And now to the question whether it has to be a spurt on the work out or a consistent format, I would probably side to the consistency over impulse cos consistency does prove itself over the longer run. And sometimes even if we are not working out intense, just going there, pushing ourselves makes things happen. We certainly are smart people but I guess sometimes we all need that extra push. Consistency is certainly not the most liked thing but it does work in the end doesn’t it?



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  1. Looks like you need some frustrations in life 😉 that always makes me go out there and take it out on heavy weights! Hehe

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