An ATM Which Thanks People

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I watched this video and the next thing I wanted to do was to share it among you all.

Have you ever come across an ATM which thanks you? Oh yes! Don’t you see it everyday? You see a “thank you” message on the screen after withdrawing money. Did it ever make you feel special? Mostly no, right?

Here is an ATM in Canada belonging to the TD Bank. They converted there Automated Teller Machine into an Automated Thanking Machine to thank there loyal customers. Look how they made their customers day. I am sure this video would bring a smile on you face.

How I wish I was a customer for a bank like this. Very sweet isn’t it? Doesn’t it feel nice to be thanked for your investment of trust and loyalty in a company? I am sure giving money as a gesture of thanks would have made their customers happy but the way this bank thanked  has created a special connection with their customers and they are much happier because the bank tried to emotionally connect to them, took care of there wishes, tried to support them, encouraged them and appreciated their struggle. Many companies fail to succeed and see their customers dropping out every year, that’s because they fail to establish the most important emotional connect with their customers. Companies  like this which appreciates a customer’s loyalty and makes an effort to do little extra to thank them mostly ends up with a  life long relationship with their customers.

Two simple words “Thank You” can make a person’s day. Go ahead thank the ones who are worth thanking. Take out a few minutes from your busy schedule and do something special for them. If you think it takes a lot of money to thank someone then try giving them a hug and a simple thank you message and see how it works 🙂




If you are saying – “What is there to be thankful for in this petty life? Few of my dreams have been crushed, I have been rejected a couple of times, people have made fun of me, some seem to think me of as a joke and you are asking me to be thankful in LIFE?” Well the answer is yes and the question is WHO HASN’T? I mean I am sure atleast at some point of life we have felt all these and I am also sure that at some point of life we have also felt that life is beautiful indeed. Now what are we looking for? I think ideally it is the case where we feel happy most time and lousy very little, well I think we have a common ground now. That is exactly why we are talking about being thankful in life. Here are a few reasons and questions as to why you can be thankful-



4 thoughts on “An ATM Which Thanks People

  1. Oops, the title itself will make people crazy about this, then you can understand how crazy this idea will make people. I would definitely have gone for opening an account in such banks, if given the choice 🙂

    Good post yet again Vinay.

    1. He he.. Thanks Alok, it is pretty fascinating to see the amount of ideas people are coming up with. All of them which look at improving the experience of the end customer gives a real nice feeling that people care so much about us. What better business model than that? 🙂

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