Are you living your childhood dreams?

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They say – “A picture speaks a thousand words”, well perhaps they meant a picture like this! Something about this photograph held me with fascination, although as simple as it looks, it does speak a lot in its own undertones thoughts. Some of the emotions which came up soon as I saw these pictures were innocence, a smile, the spirit of a child with no inhibitions, the aspirations which know no bounds, the ability to express what the child likes and not having a second thought about expressing it, the belief that you can be everything you want to and a lot more. There are a few other emotions that crept in as well, a small sense of cynicism trying to say it is a nice dream but definitely hard to follow. I wonder sometimes if whether this is the process of becoming an adult and then another question comes in, What if I don’t want to be an adult?

Well! Call me crazy but I would certainly love all the above emotions of a child, especially the beauty of innocence and the ability to express it in such a beautiful manner, such gait and poise which I don’t seem to find it at ease. It gets me thinking, what were the childhood dreams? At some point I wanted to be a cricketer, some other point wanted to a bureaucrat, a carom player, a poet, a writer, an artist and so on.. And I try to wonder what happened to those dreams! I still play cricket, I don’t think I want to be a bureaucrat anymore, I still play carom and of course you are already fed up of my writing by now. I think most dreams have changed their course and some very exciting things have come up in life, some of which I was able to welcome with open arms, some not so much. But at each point I realized something really fascinating – Most of these things were the things I had never really thought about consciously but yet they were there, they were there as a part of childhood, as a part of growing up, as a part of defining who I am and what I want to be. I agree the dreams have changed forms but they are still there.

I think most times we also put in reins, to try and contain our dreams, to be more “Practical” and makes me ask – “Look where it got us”. It makes me wonder, if I was practical all my life, I would have never quit my job, I would have never found a way to relive a lot of these dreams like writing, connecting to people, being who I want to be, I would have been someone who I would at contempt. I would not be disappointed, I would not even be angry, I would just keep saying – “I wish”. But I guess those words have killed a lot more dreams than we think, a lot more thoughts that have been nipped at the bud. But I guess there is almost always a certain way to relive our childhood dreams. We sometimes probably have to touch base with them, see how we can integrate them in our lives.

I do agree that most of them sound stupid, but that’s the fun of it. Let it be stupid, let it be meaningless, you don’t even have to worry whether it is going to be beneficial to you. Just do it, cos it is a dream you had and it deserves that chance and you deserve that choice of happiness. There is a lot more that the child had seen in you than you do today!



14 thoughts on “Are you living your childhood dreams?

  1. I think the one most attractive thing about childhood was the fact that there were no ‘aspirations’. That living in the ‘now’, where victory meant winning a game of I Spy or something. Aspirations, as we adults know them, did not exist.
    I do agree with you about the subconscious development of ideas. We are continuously picking up from our surroundings even though the brain puts it in sleep mode only to bring it out much later. I wonder if this is what ‘upbringing’ is all about too?
    Oh yes! Let is be stupid! 😀

    1. He he, so true Sakshi. It was a lot more fun living in the smaller space, no wonder growing up sucks 😀 .

      I guess as we grow up, it is always one thing or the other that keeps making us think and most times extremely unnecessary things! Probably that’s all the more reason why we should try finding that stupid self. Helps to simplify life a bit 🙂

      Thank you for your thoughts Sakshi, pleasure to hear from you.


  2. This is a fabulous post, Vinay. 🙂 I am actually not living my childhood dreams which was to study literature and be a poet and to learn music… I have become an Engineer. 😀 I don’t know, what shall I say about this now. :p

    1. Thank you Namrata :). I think you’re doing your fair share, you do write consistently on your blog, and poetry is a fair form writing. About music, well I am not sure, I haven’t heard you, so…. ;).

      But I guess we all have a fragment of that somewhere, it is just about touching base with it 🙂

  3. I really love to live with my childhood dreams…they were crazy indeed ..but they had that innocence and fun of a happy mind. I wish I could relive my childhood dreams … 🙂

    Nicely written Vinay..

  4. i don’t know since i read this, i am thinking what was or were my childhood dreams, but to be honest i can’t think of any right now … maybe i had none or maybe i was a very realistic kind of a child from the age my memory cell started functioning , who probably never believed in dreaming whatsoever… i probably knew its going to be a waste of time and it will not be coming true or maybe what people call dream i know it as thinking…and i do think a lot… i think of being the best actor,writer player and anything good in that i want to be the best .. someday i think of being the most romantic person on the earth making all the flowers jealous and they asking me for a tip on how to be such romantic,fanciful and what not…. so i also do some serious thinking after all.ha ha ha.

  5. dream your dreams…live the reality…chase your dreams…make it a reality. possible? somewhere somehow the child in us loses its presence as we seriously pursue the rut that life has become. We need to rediscover the child in us. But is everyone lucky enough to do that? good one 🙂

    1. So true Preethi, somewhere somehow the child in us loses its presence, you’ve mentioned it so beautifully :). I guess we all are lucky enough, just that sometimes we might have to work really hard to bring that child out. Poor fellow he has been subdued for a long time now 🙂

  6. The reality is that only a few are able to chase their childhood dreams. I guess many were deliberately directed to other aspirations rather than the things they most loved.

    I too loved playing cricket, I played very well but I never thought in my childhood to play on a bigger platform. But somewhere, I remember, I used to dream to play professional cricket.

    1. I think only a few make it a point to Pravin. I do agree that some have more opportunities on their platter but not all of them use them well either. It does take that call from within to make it work 🙂

      Oh really?! that’s something we share in common then :). Cool! I have always dreamt of bowling though, not very much a batsman!

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