Apollo Robbins: The Gentleman thief

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Apollo Robbins: The Gentleman thief

This is the most entertaining short video I have seen in past few days. I fixed my eyes straight on to the monitor as the man showed his art of misdirection. Watch him carefully, you never realise how he misdirects you.

Apollo Robbins: 

Apollo Robbins is an entertainer, performer, speaker and consultant who came into limelight when he pick-pocketed the Secret Service while entertaining the former President. He utilizes pick-pocketing and his other techniques to demonstrate manipulation, diversion techniques and attention control.

You got to watch this video to know about the clever man and his skills.

We have been fascinated by the tricks played by the magicians in shows, the way how they grab our attention and the way they create the magic in front of us without our knowledge. Incredible! isn’t it.

I would have never recognised his changed shirt if he had not mentioned. I rewinded the video twice to watch when he changed his shirt. You can find him unbuttoning while walking up the stage. God! Bless my detective mind 😀

Most of the times we think we know what is happening but maybe not. Maybe what we see is not always what is happening. Do I sound confusing? Maybe, I am.

When we talk to someone, how attentive are we? Do we notice what the eyes and lips are trying to convey? Maybe not. This video made me wonder about the experiences where I felt I understood what a person was trying to convey to me and yet left unaware of what he actually wanted out of me. Does that mean I wasn’t attentive? I am sure, even you would have faced such situations in life. We have to admit the fact that sometimes we tend to generalise emotions of our loved ones and form a frame of thoughts on the mind on what they are trying to convey without even being attentive towards them when they speak. Somewhere we are falling into the track of misdirection setup by the mind. We are losing the yet to be defined emotions by the pre-defined emotions of our minds.

As Apollo Robbins said, Attention is a powerful thing, it shapes your reality.”  Maybe, its time to be more attentive to the ones whom we have always generalised.

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