All Dreams Come True If Only…

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Dreams and Courage

Almost every successful dreamer is going to tell you that dreams will come true. And almost any failure dreamer would tell you that you should approach them with caution and luck plays a huge role. It is very rare that you get to see a successful one quoting luck.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t have a role to play at all, nor do I have the audacity to say that the ones who think of luck are the ones who find reasons. I guess eventually it all boils down to a numbers game as Satya Nadella says and it is the average that counts towards consistency in the long run.

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Dreams and courage

I am honestly stoked when someone throws this debate at me and I wonder what is the right answer. I am not at a place where people consider that I have done a lot in life neither am I in a place where I feel like bitching about luck. I feel that I lie in the middle of a vast majority and ponder as to what the right path is.

The Case for all dreams come true!

I would certainly like to believe this. It gives me a great amount of motivation to try and venture out of my comfort zone, it makes me believe in the fairy tale and think that all the problems could be solved in a jiffy if only I persevere enough. It makes me look at all the success stories in the world and aspire to be one of them. It makes me get up early in the morning and go to sleep late in the night because there is a constant excitement which keeps me pumped up.

The case for NOT!

Well, this is sometimes the harsh truth of life – things don’t work the way we want them to. People say a lot of things about perseverence but they miss out that it means different at different points of our life and it also depends on how badly we want to do something in life. Sometimes it is a great decision to quit and sometimes it is a great warning signal to identify and take an alternative step.

The decision debate?

Well, I would honestly say that it is a call of judgement in the end. Although I love talking about balance and I do think that in this case it makes perfect sense – I do believe that it is our personal decision which can make it more real. It also depends on how strongly we believe in something and constantly find ways to overcome our shortcomings to achieve the larger goal. For such an attitude, courage is the perfect answer to go out and try something different.

For the ones who are afraid, I would still say – believe in the first one even if it is a lie because that lie is going to help you get you out of the comfort zone and make you better. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you achieve every aspect of it, but it does ensure that you do something in that regard and that in our book is a great step toward success and these efforts always have a great way of paying back, don’t they?

What do you think?

7 thoughts on “All Dreams Come True If Only…

  1. Till a few years back, I would not have considered Luck as an ingredient of success. But having seen so many examples of failure in spite of huge and sincere efforts, I have started believing that there is something beyond our control. But yes, dreams are backed by courage also. As one of our school teachers used to say, “to make your dreams come true, you have to wake up and work towards them”.

    1. Pretty much the same here Deepali.Great to hear about your experience, it makes me believe that with experience, there is a beautiful part of the brain that awakens and brings about various possibilities and also the acceptance and tolerance for unexpected outcomes 🙂

      .About 5 years ago, I would have categorically denied everything related to luck. But now, somewhere the irrational part of the brain says it is a possibility. But then again there is a rational part of the brain which says – I would like to believe that luck does not exist cos it makes me work harder and believe that there will be little obstacles in my way, and I would be in greater control of the options I can pursue and to an extent the outcomes as well. But then again, I know it might be a lie – but in a way, isn’t it better than the truth, in the matter that it is leading to a better result ?

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