Adversity may be the best thing

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It is a very interesting thing how we face situations and challenges in Life. Walt Disney, the creator of Mickey has his own way. If I remember right, it was the same man whose work was ridiculed and made fun of. No one would believe him. And now he says – The only time I pick up a pen and paper is either to sign a cheque or an autograph!

Most times, adversity in itself is an amazing challenge. Naturally we tend to look at the side which hurts us, makes us feel bad. But we tend to forget that it is these bruises which make a man.

More often than not, the focus is on the problem and how much it has affected us and how it makes our lives feel miserable. It is natural to focus on it, it is perhaps easy to focus on it as well cos it doesn’t involve an additional mental effort or a shift. But I guess a simple question can change the line of thought. Just if I were to ask in the stage of adversity – “What is this trying to tell me? What is the challenge it is posing? And more importantly how can I use it in the larger picture? Is it trying to drive me to a place where life can be stronger and better? Is it more of character building which we had missed out on? Or is it a message saying that I have to work on something? “ As opposed to “Why me? Why not my sworn enemy? Why do these things always happen to me?

 What you seek is what you get in the end, if you ask questions like the latter, how are the answers going to make you feel? If I asked those questions to myself, I would barely feel like getting out of the bed. The former ones are atleast better, they try to get you into action. I am not undervaluing the pain of an adversity, it hurts, growing up sucks. But whether we want to do it with a smile or a frown can always be a choice 🙂

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