A Determined Person Doesn’t Find it Hard To Succeed But.. Allen Steble

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A Determined Person

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A Determined Person Doesnt find it hard to succeed; they find it hard to stop trying – Allen Steble

A Determined Person Doesnt find it hard to succeed; they find it hard to stop trying

– Allen Steble

Before we start writing lots about the quote, I would like to start with the basic question as to how we can define a determined person!

I think we have come across various definitions, sometimes it is used synonymous with Perseverance, sometimes it is used synonymous with hard work and what not. I guess success usually comes with a set of cliched and overused words and determination is no wonder a top runner among them.

And just because something is a cliche, doesn’t necessarily mean it is not true, right?

A Determined person doesn’t find it hard to succeed:

To be honest I find it a little hard to believe when people say success is easy. Maybe because I come from a school of thought that we all need to work really hard to succeed. Keeping aside the literary critic, I think it brings out a very important aspect about success. If for a moment, we keep aside the definition of success and determination, it simply boils down to two things

  • The Goal
  • Our Desire to realise the goal.

These two form the biggest driving factors for our success. I think we can easily relate this to our Brick walls quote by Randy Pausch who said that the brick walls are there for a reason -> Just to check how badly we want something. In other words, how determined we are to achieve our goals.

A Determined Person Finds it hard to stop trying:

I think the whole crux of the quote lies in this line when Allen Steble says that a determined person finds it hard to stop trying. To put it very crudely, it is like the dog with a bone. But to be more fair, it is an amazing obsession where every fibre of our body keeps thinking about it. Remembering one of Swami Vivekananda’s quote – “Make that one idea your dream, let every part of your body be full of it…. “. Of course the real quote is way more beautiful than this.

The point I am trying to make is that it is a beautiful obsession to have. And the moment we are thinking about this one idea, it has a magical way of working around itself. There are various other aspects which keep attaching themselves to this idea. This is what Paulo Coelho calls the entire universe conspiring to make your dreams come true.

A Determined Person Above All:

I think we have talked about these things in length over and over again, for me what makes real sense is in maintaining that motivation to keep ourselves determined. The way success is defined, it is never too difficult – all it needs is the right ingredients. A good idea, a little bit of hard work, a little bit of determination, a little bit of flexibility and so on. But I think determination trumps all. There is nothing like a bad idea if we give it enough time and adequate opportunity to rework the moment we know something is going wrong. And that I believe is the beauty of determination as well.

Well these were our thoughts about a determined person, but we are more curious about your thoughts and what you feel about the quote or similar experiences you have had in your lives. Our readers will benefit immensely from your thoughts and ideas. Please share them. If you have any relevant articles, please do let us know and we would love to update our post accordingly.

Looking forward to your thoughts on our determined person

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10 thoughts on “A Determined Person Doesn’t Find it Hard To Succeed But.. Allen Steble

    1. A very relevant question Lata. Coming to think of it, I guess both of them are intertwined. Motivation starts making sense only when it is followed by action and determination ensures a continued action. And for continued action, we need motivation. So I guess we can perhaps use these words interchangeably.

  1. Determination is a beautiful obsession to have.

    Loved this point. As you rightly pointed out, it’s not because success is easy for determined people, but because working hard comes naturally to them that they succeed in the long run.

    1. Thank you Vishal. I really believe in that. I have met some people who are amazing at that, I have seen them work madly at a goal which is just at its start and carry that vision on.

      I agree, working hard comes naturally to them and with that commitment, a huge result can be realised at ease. Of course on a logical aspect it sounds straightforward. It is amazing to make that come true and actually meet more people who are doing that cos they give us an immense amount of motivation to carry on.

  2. When we believe in our dreams, trust our intuition and follow our heart, determination grows up as a successful outcome. And, that keeps us trying… 🙂

    Nicely explained as always, Vinay… 🙂

    1. Very beautifully put Maniparna. The dream, trust, intuition all of them together culminate into an absolute conviction to drive the determination to achieve the success we desire. I have always wondered what makes things click and by experience so far I realise that it is always a combination of things and each time one of them seems more important than the other. I really like how determination works in tandem with other emotions to give us the results we want so dearly.

  3. Much akin to try and try until you succeed. That trial is something which needs calm and a firm determination in order to achieve success. Very beautifully explained Vinay 🙂

    1. Spot on Maitreni, it is like hitting the nail right on its head :). I like that you use the word being calm here, that is something which is so easily missed out on our journey. It is so easy to be agitated and think that we have got things under control, only to realise that we are wasting our time in useless actions. A really smart approach can be to be a bit calm about it and collect our time to take the decisions and make our next move..

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