6 Highly Inspirational Quotes From Kumar Sangakkara

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As Kumar Sangakkara announces his retirement from test, it fills us with a whole lot of nostalgic memories. It takes us back to the times when we were rooting for India and Sangakkara stood between victory, just to frustrate the bowlers enough and deny them that. He has been a phenomenal cricketer and anything we say about him is not going to be enough.

So we thought, why not capture what he has said instead – trust me, it makes our job a lot easier that way cos no amount of accolades will ever be enough to talk about his achievements and the personality that carried himself on the ground with a high honor. So, without much ado, we present you with

6 highly inspirational quotes from Kumar Sangakkara.

Kumar Sangakkara Quotes 1:

Cricket Is A Funny Game With Legends - Kumar Sangakkara Quotes

Cricket is a funny game, we have legends and living legends but the game doesn’t stop for anyone! 

Kumar Sangakkara

When cricket is a religion and each country has its own set of gods, legends are sometimes born and sometimes made. I guess in the end, the game is bigger than the person and for someone who knows it well, he knows what he is doing out there and keeps at it which makes him bigger in the end. I guess so is our lives and the competition of people around us. Each one will be more daunting than the other. Maybe the maturity is in treating each one with the due respect it deserves and at the same time looking at the big picture only to realize that the in the bigger scale, everyone and everything is way smaller and life has a beautiful way of revealing that!

Kumar Sangakkara Quotes 2:

Nobody gets undefeated all the time - Kumar Sangakkara Quotes

Nobody goes undefeated all the time. If you can pick up after a crushing defeat, and go on to win again, you are going to be a champion some day! 

Kumar Sangakkara

We all get screwed by the game sometimes and sometimes there is nothing you can do about it. Sometimes there are no do overs also. It is just that we get to realize that something has happened and we have to accept that. The only thing we can think of is what we do from here and where we go from here. Of course we know that it is a choice, but just that knowledge alone is not going to help. We need to go on, brush ourselves off, sometimes pretend that it never happened so that the past knowledge doesn’t bother you and give everything you got, not cos you are a bigger or a better person but the game or your life demands it and we owe it to life to emerge champions for our own causes.

Kumar Sangakkara Quotes 3:

It is not about the past or the future - - Kumar Sangakkara motivational Quotes

To win the ICC world cup would mean everything to me, simply to play in a world cup final would be fantastic. It is not about the past or the future, it is about the isolated moment in time which is the ICC world cup.

Kumar Sangakkara

In other words, it is just about taking one thing at a time, not letting things bother you or stop you on your tracks. Not letting your previous forms or the previous accolades or even the fear of the future stop you from what you are going to do now, cos your very existing life is in the present. The past and future hold something for you, but it is never the crystal clear picture, it is augmented with a slight cloud of romanticism and judgement. But what you and I have right now is real and is in the moment and we got to do the best for it.

Kumar Sangakkara Quotes 4:

A lot of people talk about mental strength - Kumar Sangakkara motivational Quotes

A lot of people talk about mental strength, but its more about mental skills and adaptability than anything else. That’s what gets you through tough times.

Kumar Sangakkara

Sometimes ‘mental strength’ seems a highly overrated word, sometimes it also feels like a high goal which is far from being achieved. Well, whatever we decide to call it, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is to know what really does and look at the big picture, look at the hope and the desire to achieve what we really want and feel for. Adapt our strategies and receive the feedback from the necessary sources and work on a constant improvement to find a way to realize our goals. That whole attitude is gonna take us through the tough times.

Kumar Sangakkara Quotes 5:

We should not allow fear and anxiety to stop us - Kumar Sangakkara motivational Quotes

We should not allow fear and anxiety stop us from doing something. If you think through something well and prepare thoroughly, you can do a lot of things you think you can’t.

Kumar Sangakkara

Who doesn’t have this fear and anxiety? Who is not scared at all? I don’t think we will be able to find even one person who can proudly say that he is never scared. But fear alone is not the deciding factor, there is a bigger factor than that which is you and me. The bigger factor is your attitude and how you face these challenges and fears. It depends on how well this fear and anxiety motivates you to do something better. It is that fear which drives you rather than holding you back. Don’t just shy away from it, face it – it is alright to be scared. But what we do after getting scared is going to make all the difference. Better make that count!

Kumar Sangakkara Quotes 6:

Actually nobody can be perfect in cricket - Kumar Sangakkara motivational Quotes

Actually nobody can be perfect in cricket. Everybody makes mistakes. It is important to learn from your mistakes and correct them.

Kumar Sangakkara

Who doesn’t make those mistakes? Who doesn’t get hurt? If you are thinking of the safest way out, then a bigger lie was never told. There is no safer way out. There is only one way and that is through this, it is not around it. It is important to make those mistakes, but make sure that there is a slight addition to it. Make them as fast as possible so that you have enough time to work on them. Don’t lament over them. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off. Just do what you are supposed to do, but do it with your heart and you will begin to see those differences and how well these mistakes connect together to give the result you deserve.

The brilliance is not in not making mistakes, but it is in getting over them and getting better off them!

These were our 6 favourite, highly inspirational quotes from Kumar Sangakkara. Do let us know which one you liked the most. Stay tuned in for more.

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