50 people push a train to save a man

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You are in the train station on an early Wednesday morning waiting for the train and hoping not to reach office late . As soon as the train comes, you get inside and within few minutes you are told that the train wouldn’t move further as a person’s leg is stuck. What would you do? Would you wait for the gaurds to solve the issue? Or would you get down and go in search of a bus? Most of us would go in search of other means to reach our offices, right?

Here is what the people of Australia did.


They came out of the train , worked together pushing the train carriage and rescued  the man. What more can I say about human power now? It’s such an heartwarming incident which fascinates about humanity.  People power saved him from a possibly serious injury and I don’t think this man would ever step back to help someone in life.

We sometimes think a single person can’t make a difference  but it’s the same single person who came for the rescue first and inspired 10 others to take action and those 10 others inspired 100 others and that’s how they did something incredibly human.

“Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is the progress and working together is the success.”- Unity brings victory 🙂

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12 thoughts on “50 people push a train to save a man

    1. I think it really does Anupam. People have gone out of their ways to do some things unimaginable. I think humanity is a wonderful thing, exists in all corners of the world, brings such a wonderful feeling about the world as a whole 🙂

  1. This is Empathy better than sympathy and the highest form of humanity. Why it doesn’t happen in India is something we should search within

  2. This is truly an awesome effort. Somehow we are lacking this gesture, but honestly when such things comes to us also, we can also do similar types of things….

    1. Thank you Alok.. Indeed, I really loved seeing it today morning. Such a lovely effort, goes to show that people still have those wonderful things in them. Humanity certainly is an amazing thing 🙂

  3. Thank you Anirudh :). I think it is a beautiful thing. Most people out there felt that empathy to this one person who was trapped inside and most of them would have wanted to help out. I think they all looked out for a leader who rose to the situation and made it happen.. The beginning of a movement 🙂

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