Zootopia: 5 Reasons To Watch it Today!

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Welcome to the modern Mammal Metropolis Zootopia! 🙂

ZootopiaIf I could use one word to describe the movie, it’s “Happiness.”

I usually don’t write movie reviews and Zootopia made me write today. If you are looking for the technicalities, skeptical reviews and accurate rating for the movie, here is the link

These are just the 5 absolute reasons to watch Zootopia today.

1.All in One- Thriller + Comedy + Inspirational + Animated +……….

The movie has it all.  Great story- A story that you could connect to and feel the movie. A thriller which keeps you hooked and comedy that keeps you entertained throughout. Great animation, you would love how each character is distinct and beautifully crafted together. It’s a movie for all age groups.  I can go on and on about all the things that the movie has in it but I guess I have to quickly move to the next point now.

2. You smile, giggle, laugh and bring out the child in you

Everyone in the movie hall looked great with a happy mood. Well, that explains! Zootopia keeps you entertained throughout with humour. You chuckle, giggle, smile and laugh.  You somewhere become a child laughing loud and happy competing with the child beside you.

3. Visual Pleasure

Animation is brilliant. Characters are detailed and cute. There are plenty of ‘awwh’ moments. The characters look very cute that you want to bring home with you.

4. Great message- A movie of substance.

“Anyone can be anything.” is the theme of Zootopia.

It’s beautiful how animated movies carry such great messages for life and this movie does its job equally good. It talks about the current day issues the society is facing.

It’s beautiful how animated movies carry such great messages for life and this movie does its job equally good. It’s a movie of substance. Zootopia talks about the current day issues in the society like social harmony and generalizing people.

Zootopia reassures your belief to be anything you want irrespective of any roadblocks.

5. It’s worth your money and time 

A movie worth your time and movie can be just one absolute reason to watch it.


These are the 5 reasons we can brief about but we are sure you will have more if you watch it. If you have  already watched Zootopia, let us know what you liked about it. If you haven’t, then probably it’s time to book the tickets 🙂



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  1. Even I heard that Zootopia is good. I was the trailer. Sloth bear is just annoyingly brilliant. Cant control myself after seeing that scene. Will watch it soon. Good review Vidhyashree 🙂

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