5 Reasons Why You Should Watch MARY KOM (movie)

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This was one such movie I was waiting for ever since I saw the trailer which inspired me to write a post 5 Inspiring Quotes From Mary Kom. I was a little disappointed when I saw the reviews of the Movie on the internet. I thought the movie would be a  revolution among the women oriented movies in the bollywood industry and the reviews didn’t support my hopes. I wanted to watch it as whatever the little I knew about Mary Kom inspired and Priyanka Chopra is my favourite actor so it was a “No-Way-Miss’ thing for me.

I watched the movie yesterday and it left me a lot inspired and I had a few goose bump moments. If you ask me whether the movie is worth watching I say “YES” it’s value for your money and the movie is much better than the stereotype bollywood movies and most importantly the movie inspires you.

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Why You Should Watch The Movie Mary Kom

Have a look at the 5 Reasons on why you should watch Mary Kom :

1. It doesn’t matter who you are and where you are from. If you have it in you, YOU CAN!

Mary Kom was born in Manipur to a poor family. She, just like the many other girls had ‘You are a girl’ tag around her. Her love towards the game made her fight against the odds of life and you know what happened later. She became Magnificent Mary who is a five time World Amateur Boxing Champion and the only Indian Women boxer to have won a medal in Olympics.

2. You realize it’s never too late to embark on your dreams.

For all the women who say “I am married and I can’t peruse my passion” Mary Kom has a message for you. She says “ If I, being a mother of two, can win a medal, so can you all. Take me as an example and don`t give up.”

Well this reason holds good for the Men too 🙂 Its never too late to embark on your dreams.

3.Nothing ever comes easy. You have to get down and get those bruise.

We all have different dreams and its respective bruises. Accept them, heal them and consider them as a sign of progress towards achievement as they are a part of the magnificent you that’s going to happen.

4. Being a woman is itself a strength.

“I am not just a woman I am a WOMAN!” Heard this line on a TV show recently. Gone are the days when we would mind for the mocking by the male dominated society . If you think being a woman stops you then you are cheating yourself a lifetime. When we can go through the tremendous physical pain throughout our life then can’t we bare a few emotional pains and struggles?

5. Because of ‘PC’ – You will respect her.

I say it’s a MUST WATCH if you like PC, you will love her. Kudos to Priyanka Chopra for choosing a movie which has such an inspiring message to us and Bravo to her acting. The girl has worked hard!

We absolutely loved the movie, do let us know below what you felt about it. Apart from the movie and PC, something I was really excited about was knowing more about Mary Kom which immensely increased my respect for her. If you like her, her autobiography – Unbreakable : An Autobiography is  a must read. Enjoy the book and the movie 🙂

10 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Should Watch MARY KOM (movie)

  1. Just saw the movie today… As you said it is inspiring…inspiring enough to write a blog review. Yes and priyanka chopra has acted very well. The entire life of MC Mary Mom has been beautifully carved into a 120 minute inpiring movie.

  2. Unfortunately not getting the chance to watch any movies, thought to watch this one, but then you know with a little kid it becomes tough to parents to go to theater to watch any movie. We will definitely see this movie Vinay, but let it be aired on Television 🙂

    1. Ha Ha Alok I hope they air the movie after an year so that you get a chance to go to the theater 😀 And I guess Vinay would be hoping the same to see on Television soon. I think you have Vinay’s company now to watch the movie 😀

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