5 Joys Of Taking A Morning Walk

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5 Joys Of Taking A Morning Walk

Henry David Thoreau says, “An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.” We are aware of the health benefits of walking. To add more to glorify the benefits of walking we are here with a post which tells you the 5 joys of taking a morning walk can bring you.

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  • Fresh Start = Great Start

The first thing that morning reminds you of is a fresh start for the day. A walk right in the morning brings you freshness and keeps your mind and body alert for the rest of the day. It energizes you and cleanses your thoughts.

  • The joy of being fit and healthy

This is the first thing that pops our mind when we think about walking: Fit and healthy.

Walking is an effective antidepressant. It strengthens mind, body and soul and reduces the risk of stroke. It reduces blood pressure and stress. It helps in increasing stamina. It helps in weight loss and maintaining body shape. It freshens your mood and is a total benefit for life. Morning walks are most recommended because to be fit and healthy is one of the most crucial things in life.

  • Attitude of Gratitude

This is something what early morning walks teach you. Early morning walk opens you up to a beautiful world which you didn’t bother to notice. It either shows you how artistic the sunrise looks or tells you how wonderful it is to hear the birds chirping. It tells you that amidst all your problems you have a few things to appreciate and be thankful about. And sometimes the gratitude of being alive in such a beautiful world itself reduces problem’s intensity.

  • Bcoz…. It’s FREE, FREE, FREE…

Anything good which is free is something we all want to have and how about anything great with the same cost- free? Yes! Walking is free. All you need is a pair of walking shoes and dress. Tada! And you are done.

And one nice thing, as we all know we can choose our own destination of walks here. Maybe try new lanes every 7 days once or however you want to do it.

  • Bliss of Solitude

The first thing in the morning is to be with yourself. Imagine having a routine with exclusive half an hour for yourself every day. Isn’t that nice? And if you think what’s so nice about spending time with oneself. Here is what being with oneself  can do- It reboots your mind, it helps you to listen to your inner voice, it helps you to find strategies to solve your problems, it helps you to be more patient with yourself and  importantly it reassures you saying “hey! I am there for you, anytime.”

Give a thought, think more on what the first hour of the day can bring you because as Henry says, “the first hour can be a blessing for the whole day.”

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15 thoughts on “5 Joys Of Taking A Morning Walk

  1. A Morning Walk sure relaxes and rejuvenates One for the day’s activities and keeps up the health…. A good Post!

  2. Great post! Morning walk is truly a refreshing experience. You know how I miss the morning walk? The place where we lived earlier was full of trees, ponds, parks and gardens. It was great pleasure to walk around at dawn and also pick flowers for the ‘puja’ at home. But our current residence is in the midst of a concrete jungle. I miss morning walk very much. 🙁

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