5 Joys of Celebrating Festivals

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5 Joys of Celebrating Festivals

What could the joy of celebrating festivals be? “Its the celebration itself.” Right?

If we look deeper into what joys festivals can bring us the list goes on and on. On the special occasion of the start of a new year for most of us, here we are bringing you the 5 joys of celebrating festivals.

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It’s the time for family and friends. Keep aside your work, bring along your family persona into picture. Get along with family and friends, prepare a big fat meal and eat stomach full, talk to each other generously, spread smiles and happiness.

The feeling of togetherness undoubtedly leaves you happier.

life’s lessons

The beauty of every festival is the symbolic meaning it tries to convey. Whether it is the festival of colors or the festival of lights or might even be the first festival of the year signifying life’s mixture of sadness, happiness, and many other emotions which should be accepted with equanimity.

Aren’t you amazed by the spiritual significance and social meaning festivals are associated to? They have it all. they teach you how to be social, secular and enjoy every bit of life.

Sharing and Caring

“A circle of trust where secrets can be told without fear of them being retold to the wrong people.” Sharing your thoughts, your experiences, food, happiness, smiles, laughters, sadness, love and also those little secrets which you hold.

How nice it feels to know that you can do this all with your loved ones and how nice they feel when you care the same way  they do.

Positive energy

Something we all can notice on the festival days are the bright faces. Bright face radiates positive energy and happiness. How nice to see those glowing eyes and infectious smiles. No wonder festivals are a way to mutually diffuse and acquire positive energy and emotions.

Something to celebrate

How often do you celebrate your existence? Once in a year? Maybe on your birthdays? Or do you even give a thought about celebrating yourself? I understand, it isn’t as easy as I sound. We hardly remember to celebrate our existence. Maybe we aren’t yet there to show our gratitude but I am sure we’ll all do that one or the other in our lives.

When life gives you plenty of opportunities to celebrate your existence and togetherness, why hold back yourself? Why not just go ahead and start appreciating the little happiness of life because its these little happiness and celebrations that form one big happy life.

Happy festival everyone. Spread your goodness 🙂

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