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Bad Habit: A patterned behaviour regarded as detrimental to one’s physical or mental health, which is often linked to a lack of self-control. This definition sounds scarier than the actual bad habit.

“Lack of self-control? Nah! That can’t be the thing with me! I can control myself but somewhere, somehow once in a while due to stress I get into repetitive doing of certain things which aren’t considered good to my body or mind.” If you agree with the above sentence then don’t worry, you are facing a very common problem (or let me call it a challenge) like most of us.

To take a hold on self-control and to break down those bad habits which have been the integral part of our lives for long, here is a video which gives easy steps to quit bad habits.

Summing up the video. Here are the 4 steps to break bad habits.

  • Write down the bad habit you are trying to quit.

The reason why someone would ask you to write down something is to get the exact documentation of the things. When you just think of your bad habits you might count a few but when you try writing you might end up getting more. And when you write down you kind of feel a realisation on the things you have been doing without much of a knowledge. And also if you could ask your closed ones on the bad habit of yours which they can point out, that would be something helpful because at times you don’t

And also if you could ask your closed ones on the bad habit of yours which they can point out, that would be something helpful because at times you can’t notice by yourself ( Like a few things you do which looks unpleasant)

There might be many bad habits you want to break, but  lets start with one and slowly conquer the rest.

  • Learn to avoid your triggers.

This step is where you find the cause for an action- The reason why we do what we do. Focusing on the thing that triggers us can help in breaking our bad habits or even rectifying our actions which lead to many disturbing things.

  • Substitute bad habits to not so bad habits.

Melody Carlson, a famous author says, “It takes a good habit to replace a bad habit.” Doing something nice at least saves you from doing something bad. Good habits are equally addictive as the bad ones and of course, a lot more rewarding.

  • Gather your army: Take help from your friends.

It’s always a great experience working in groups. Call it the competitive spirit or the monitoring responsibility or just a companion for work, it’s always exciting when you have someone walking along. And when it comes to bad habits, it does feel a kind of assured feeling that you ar not the only one dealing with it. By working this way you are breaking your bad habits and meanwhile helping another person to do the same.

Lets agree, quitting bad habits isn’t really a tough challenge. We often make things appear tougher than its actual form.

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4 thoughts on “4 Steps To Quit Bad Habits In Life – Motivational Videos

  1. Owhh… the video is superb Vidya 🙂 The tones of the lady was so much complimenting the sketches hihi. But hey! The steps mentioned are so helpful. I have a very bad habit of skipping on my breakfast… Thanks a lot to you for sharing this… let me figure out how to tune myself up for that. So kind of you

    1. Thank you Tara. I too felt the same about the woman’s voice. It adds so much more to the video. I have a bad habit of overeating at times and look at you, you talk about skipping breakfast. Now, that’s something I would never do 😀 I am sure you know how important breakfasts are. All the best with you breaking bad habit challenge and do wish me the same 😉

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