15 People Lose Eyesight- An NGO Negligence

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15 People Lose Eyesight- An NGO Negligence


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Image: Hindustantimes

Yet another case of medical negligence. 15 people of a village in Amritsar lose their eyesight after cataract surgery which was organised by an eye camp set up by an NGO in a close by village. 15 is just the number of people who came up to fight for their loss, there are yet many who have lost their eyesight. All the 15 have severe damage of vision which has no chance to be restored. These people have been admitted to Govt Hospital now and the doctor there says that the surgery conducted by the NGO was under unhygienic conditions and hence has resulted in a horrendous loss for a lifetime and also claims that the NGO had not taken permission to hold the camp.

Reference: Hindustan Times

Police are in search of doctors who conducted this surgery. It pokes a strong question in my mind as how an NGO can take up such a negligent move? The ones who trusted them to have a clear vision for the rest of their lives lost it permanently. Such a terrible thing to happen to someone. Who is to blame? The NGO? The Doctors? Or the poor fellows who are suffering? A little of ignorance and negligence can cause a great loss.

If it is the negligence of the NGO which has created such a dreadful thing then what they did was no less than a sin and everybody involved, the doctors and the management sector, everybody has almost an equal share of guilt.

I am sure there are many such NGOs serving people with a genuine purpose, but there are yet many NGOs which does unpleasant and terrible things in the name of service. It’s difficult to find them out but its always good to do a little background check when you seek out an NGO for help or work with it or contribute something to help others.

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