10 reasons why you should read WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?

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I have always been a huge fan of personality development and its theories. But it is beautiful as to how a theory can be portrayed in the form of a story, an engaging story sending out a very powerful message. A story as short as about 4 hrs and leaves you with a thought, something to think about. We have always professed that the best books in the world are the ones which make you think. Here is one such! 

1) The fear we build is mind worse than the fear itself

What is more important, whether the fear or the occurrence of the event? Sometimes we end up focussing on the smaller problem at the cost of the bigger one

2) The quicker you get rid of problems the quicker you change

Well, the idea of a problem is not to stay with it but to find ways to get out of it. Even though it is a mistake, do it quick, you need results to work on, don’t be afraid of being wrong!

3) Better late than never

Ever let something hold you back? Maybe the thought that it might be too late? Well what if it is late? You are still making the effort aren’t you?

4) Dealing with unexpected change

Well most changes are unexpected, no one is going to offer you a life on a silver platter, it is going to be challenging, but the fun is taking it up, living with it!

5) Building an attitude as life offers you more challenges

The problems are just one part of life, they are not the only part of life. There is something more about life than that and that is YOU!

6) It’s better to be in uncomfortable zone than to stay stagnant

Well most times we don’t take the call, don’t take a decision cos it seems a little uncomfortable. Well face it, just cost something is uncomfortable, it doesn’t mean that it is not going to work for you. In fact it might be the only things that would work for you!

7) Lets us think what you would do if you are not afraid

Well, what would you do if there was nothing to stop you, not even yourself? Well, do exactly that, the rest will follow you!

8) Aspects of change and change management

Who said change is hard? It is an attitude, it is a behavior, it can be the easiest thing you ever dealt with. Leave the cold feet, take the plunge, the best things in the world are waiting for you!

9) When you move beyond your fear, you feel free

Release yourself of all the pressure, free yourself from the slavery of the society, of self, of all the reasons you think might not work in your favour and then you are free in the true essence of it!

10) Small book with great thought

One of the best things about the book is that you can finish it off in 4Hrs if you are a slow reader, it is a story, it is not a theory. The book assumes a beautiful form of sending a message through the story

I simply loved everything about the book, if you’d like to explore-  Here you go with the link 🙂



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