Quote Of The Day: Tony Robbins – If You Do Not Set A Base Standard For The Quality Of Life

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Quote Of The Day:

“If you don’t set a baseline standard for what you’ll accept in life, you’ll find it easy to slip into behaviors and attitudes or a quality of life that’s far below what you deserve”

– Tony Robbins

tony robbins setting standards quote, quote of the day, tony robbins standards in life, tony robbins quality of life quoteSetting a baseline standard in life? Now that’s interesting!

I am sure we all have done that – knowingly or unknowingly. We all have those standards and they evolve as we define ourselves. For ex, we all have standards for the places we choose to eat, the friends we choose to go out with, the salary we are willing to accept and so on.

And that kinda defines us and our parameters. Some say we have to stretch our parameters so that we have enough flexibility in life. Some others say- “This is what defines us, there is nothing wrong in being what we are”

I agree to both the schools of thoughts but I guess – for every rule there shall always be an exception and the most beautiful part is that we get to decide what that exception is and how flexible we can be about it.

There are situations which demand us to be flexible, maybe the social ones and there are also the personal ones where we can be completely objective about cos the decision affects only us and us alone.

Today’s quote of the day focuses on maintaining your standards in life and we shall try to defend as to why that becomes important. Although we have advocated flexibility all through, I think we also need to be a little stubborn when it comes to things which define us and are related to the quality of our life and living.

If we sacrifice our standards for every little thing, before we even realize, it is very easy to get sucked in to the philosophy of the world. It is very easy to start believing in the insecurities of the world and actively participating in them, sometimes without even realizing how close we are to it.

And the moment we do that, we start wondering

– “I always thought I was different! Why am I acting like everyone else?”

Maybe the question to ask at this stage is

-“Whose standards am I responding to? Is it mine or is it imposed by the people around me?”

Cos what matters to us need not be any importance to the people around us, sometimes not even our closest ones. And sometimes what matters to them need not  be of any importance to us also.

We have to create that barrier where we stop getting sucked in to the standards and expectations of the world and start answering to the larger calling – what the life occurrences actually mean to you and how you are going to respond to them.

If you don’t like something – you don’t like something. That’s all! You don’t have to like it just cos the world expects you to. We are not recommending you to be a pain in the rear but we sure are recommending that you need not take that pain in the rear just cos someone expects you to.

It is your life, you get to define the standards and their meaning to you. You need not accept everything that is offered by your environment, you need to create your own internal one.

And I guess that’s what the quote is trying to say – Setting a baseline standard for the quality of your life. This is our quote of the day by Tony Robbins. Tune in again morrow for more 🙂

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