Quote Of The Day: Sometimes I Feel Useless But Then I remember I Breathe Out Carbon Dioxide For Plants

Quote Of The Day:
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“Sometimes I Feel Useless But Then I remember I Breathe Out Carbon Dioxide For Plants”

Someone had shared this beautiful quote on twitter and I reflected wow! So true and no wonder it is our quote of the day.

Have you ever been in that place where you are overwhelmed by challenges in life and nothing seems to be working your way. Have you ever faced those situations where you feel you are completely hopeless and you start doubting your own capacities to handle your life and its challenges?

I know that I have and I used to wonder – It is the same us who are supremely confident at point in time in our life and everything we touch turns into gold and we have the confidence to solve anything and any problems we face and we actually go out and do it. But then it is the same us who wallow in those thoughts, our confidence shakes completely and we find it insanely difficult even to do the normal chores which any average Joe can easily conquer?

What changes? I mean it is the same us, why do we shift between the two aspects of being extremely confident to being extremely doubtful about ourselves? Maybe it is the external factors, repeated blows and those so called failures which make us really doubt our worth and question our own capabilities.

Well! None fo this is really wrong, is it?  We face what we face, we experience what we experience. It is utterly wrong to judge and push ourselves further down. Like we have always said, we are here to find solutions to our problems. We are here to make life simpler. The moment you feel worthless/useless, the moment you wonder where life is headed and doubt yourself, think of all those moments, all those small successes. I know that it is the principle of resonance, when we feel sad, we listen to the blues, the slower music tracks and talk in a low voice and what not. We all have that pattern.

But if you need a solution, you got to break it. Start from something as small as proudly standing in front of the mirror, spread your shoulders, tell yourself that what you are facing is a simple challenge and you have every ability to work through it. If your mind asks you how, if it asks – “Are you capable?” Then answer it with a smile and say “Hell Yes!”. Get out of that rut, don’t let it pull you down. You have a lot more power within you than you think and what you contribute to the world is immensely more valuable than you think.

We all have that tendency and that fear when things are not going our way. But try to diminish the problem and look at the larger picture. The problem can never be bigger or more important than you are and you have a lot more capabilities than you credit yourself with. So go ahead with arms wide open and get on top of your life.

Remember, you are worth a lot more than that!

That’s our quote of the day, stay tuned in for more..

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  1. GREAT, i sit a many times ideal doing nothing but feeling great about myself that atleast something i had contributed to earth.hahahaa

  2. Sometimes it wonders me why is it happening to me only. But, it’s after going through some articles that I realised I’m not the only person (duniya mein kitna gham hai, mera gham kitna kam hai 🙂 )
    Thank you, Vinay.. for keeping our spirits high.

    • He he, you are never alone mate. I used to wonder the same and at some point I told myself that if it is happening to me, there will be atleast one soul out there who would have faced something similar. And then the thought was how to get better at it and now the thought is how to make our lives better inspite of all these. I have personally liked the transition and feel really great to be able to connect over these real life experiences.

  3. Yeh..Vinay…well said..standing in front of mirror and boosting your confidence is really a great idea…it really works…

    Vinay from past few days I am not getting option to directly post my comments…Everytime I have to enter name, email address, etc…have you changed the pattern for posting comments….If not I think It might be problem with my chrome cookies….

    • Hi Mayuresh :). Kinda ironic but that’s something which has never worked for me, maybe cos I end up looking at myself more than what I am supposed to do 😀 :D. He he, on a more serious note, I guess a lot of things work for a lot of us and it is really interesting to see how well all these solutions work and make our lives a little better and a lot healthier.
      Sorry about the commenting option mate. Earlier I was using the disqus commenting option which perhaps opened the guest posting quite easily. But it had its own issues. It would truncate the comment section after about 2 or 3 of them. I mean to say that for longer articles, the page showed up pretty bad and I was forced to move on to this one. Your chrome is working ideally I believe, it is just that the new theme is not very compatible with disqus. I would have loved it if they had rectified the issue. Have contacted them and hoping that they will update on it soon.
      Sorry for the incovenience my friend, will try to get it sorted from them soon.

  4. Very nice quote Vinay with a nice write up. Like a pendulum, sometimes the mind swings between Yes and No. If it sticks around for long at the No end, we need need to pull it back to the Yes end. 🙂

    • Thank you Somali. I like the reference to the pendulum, I guess we all swing in different directions when we are faced with a problem and eventually find a way out of it. Probably the trick is never to lose faith in ourselves and stay strong in the wake of these problems. It sure makes our lives a lot simpler and easier 🙂

  5. Truly liked the quote 😀 and, a wonderful post on the positive vibes….truly inspiring… 🙂

    • Thank you Maniparna :). The moment I saw this quote I told myself – Wow! I would be foolish not to write on this one and I really like how it is being received. I am kinda liking doing the quote of the day section and it is being received really well. Hope people are really liking it as much as I think or hopefully even more 🙂