Quote Of The Day: It Matters Not What Someone Is Born, But What They Grow To Be

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Quote of the day:

It matters not what as to someone is born For all those Potter fans out there, I am sure you know this quote like the back of your hand :). And this is our today’s quote of the day:

“It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be”

– Albus Dumbledore

I recently watched the complete HP series back to back and at the end of the last episode, I could not help but feel a little sad that the series was over. But I bet it’s one of the most beautifully done series both in the form of book and the movie.

Coming to the quote – It matters not what someone is born! It rarely does, does it?

Talent and success

We have seen so many star sons, people who have had all the resources in the world, people who could afford the best training and the best of the teachers. And yet, somehow they fail miserably, while on the other hand we have seen people who have come up in life with literally nothing in hand, created a life for themselves, made their efforts count and life more meaningful. If you are saying “Talent”, then I would be the first one to debate that thought.

There is no dearth of talent in this world, no dearth of great ideas. And often I have wondered how these people have such amazing ideas but nothing has happened.It makes me wonder – what does it really take to succeed in life?

  • Talent
  • Resources
  • Imagination
  • Capability
  • Intelligence
  • IQ
  • Emotional Quotient

What does it really take to succeed in life?

A couple of days ago, we ran a small debate where we hung closely to the aspect of determination and how people with mediocre ability do some extraordinary things in their life. And to follow it up, we came up with 10 awe inspiring quotes on determination and talent. All through, I realize that there is something wonderful about all of this.

You don’t need to be special or lucky or gifted to become a success in life.

All it says is that you don’t need to be special or lucky or gifted to become a success in life. All it needs is a little bit of effort, a little bit of feedback and a little bit of effort again in the right direction to make things happen. People call it perseverance, people call it determination and people more often than not call it luck. To be honest, I am not a big fan of luck – not cos I am unlucky or anything, it is just that I cannot trust my life with it or I cannot trust something which means a lot to me on it.

Luck is a great additional component, but it can never be a driving component.

And it honestly doesn’t take too much to succeed in life, it takes those little bits of additional things we do. It takes that attitude and resilience to stand up when things go wrong. It takes the gut to stand tall when things don;t go the way you want them to. It takes mettle to accept the way things are, take responsibility about it and act on it. It is very easy to shy away from action when things go wrong. But that is never going to give us any results.

It doesn’t really matter what we are born or how many resources we have in life. All that matters is what we do with it and how strongly we feel about our dreams.

This was our quote of the day, stay tuned in for more..

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5 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day: It Matters Not What Someone Is Born, But What They Grow To Be

  1. I am a pottermaniac through and through and this is one of my favorite quotes from the book series 😀
    Perseverance and determination is a must. But i have often heard people who are born special , or rich or born gifted are the ones who succeed which is absolutely wrong as you’ve stated ! Good choice of quote 🙂 And yes luck is something I hardly believe in , as you said its all about ‘Effort’ ! 🙂

  2. I too miss the series now. The quote is equally powerful with the role of Professor Dumbledore. Such a remarkable quote that answers a lot of questions that come across in life. I liked the last point a lot… luck being the additional but not the driving component. It is all about what we do…

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