Never Be Ashamed of a Scar.. It Means ..

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The Wounds of Life

We all have something, a wound/scar which we might not be too proud of. We all have been disappointed at some point in life, maybe a rejection or a hurt or maybe even things not working out in our favour. It may also feel like a whole lot of odds in the path for your goal. The scars are a true mark of the story. We will not be too pedantic and tell you that you are bigger than the scar or these are the signs of success in life and what not. But, we would certainly like to analyse the quote on scar/wounds below:

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Never be ashamed of a scar

What gave you the scar?

Of course, the first thing we all think about when we see a wound is how much it hurt you. As the memory fades, we think of the situation which gave us the scar. It still reminds of the stupid mistakes we did, the people we trusted naively and the friends who said they would stay forever. Each memory reminds us of how bad things were and we feel that “How could I be so stupid!”

As the scar Matures!

Now this is a brilliant part about life, every event slowly transforms into what we make out of it. We can feel all bad and morose about the scar life has given us. Or we can look at the scar and see how far we have come from that. We can see what we have learnt from that and how well life has progressed from there. We can look at the people we have met after than and the way they have influenced our life, the opportunities we have been blessed with and the diligence we have got before embarking on something new.

Of course it masks the beauty of the skin!

And this is really important the way I see it. Each of these scars or wounds leave a mark on us somewhere. We start being a little more cautious and less trusting. We are trying to prevent ourself from the hurt that happened previously.

However, a thing to note is that each of these situations has to be seen isolated some times. Granted that the situations have a lesson – but that doesn’t mean that we lose our innocence or the ability to dream passionately. It means that life is more real and there are stakes but yet you have the courage to dream and make things happen.

The day, we are able to balance the two, I think a whole new world opens out for us. It shows a tremendous growth from someone being over cautious or completely naive to a balanced person who can assimilate the pros and cons of the two, eventually looking at the larger picture which can actually makes the difference. I believe that is what this quote tries to say – Never be ashamed of these scars because each one of them is a symbol that you are way stronger than them. And all of this strength comes from the inside which has the inane ability to be unhurt by the external environment.

Well, that is the extent of my imagination on the quote, what do you think?

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6 thoughts on “Never Be Ashamed of a Scar.. It Means ..

    1. Thank you Fayaz. I truly believe that there is something wonderful about them.It is just that sometimes we are so close to the hurt that it becomes difficult to notice. The moment we are able to move past them, it is a really nice attitude to look at how much we have grown past those experiences.

  1. Sometime it become tough whether it was scar or not, sometime you become confused….
    but when you are sure then you surely should not be ashamed of it.
    Very beautifully written.
    Loved it.

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