I’d Rather Regret Things That I’ve Done Than Things I Have Not – Lucille Ball on Regrets

I’d Rather Regret:

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“I’d Rather Regret The Things That I have Done Than The Things That I Have Not”

– Lucille Ball

A life without regrets! – How great that would be, right? I have often asked myself this question or rather professed that there should never be any regrets with what we have done in our life. And maybe I was a bit naive to believe in that completely. It sure helped me to go ahead with a great deal of blind confidence. Truth is, that there is usually a thought as to what would have happened in the path not taken.

So, the new philosophy is not to have a life without any regrets but making sure that there are lesser regrets about not doing something and more about doing that something. We have talked extensively about decision making in our previous post – The 7 Important Steps to make better decisions and we also talked about the choices. A choice invariably also means that we give up something else.

Although most texts tell us not to look back and lament about the path not taken but to stick with our decisions – there will be those moments when we do look back and wonder how life would have turned out.

The Irony of Regrets

I sometimes feel that it is very ironical that in retrospect – almost everything looks extremely easy. This is because of the simple reason that our experience has made us smarter and more mature. If you would ask Albert Einstein to talk about theory of relativity now, I am sure he would find it extremely easy and perhaps add more features to it which we might struggle to understand. Bottom line is that the whole experience after that would have made our life simpler and easier.

So, if we are ever in a situation where we think about the regrets in our life – I do agree and strongly profess that regret is a waste of time. We also go ahead and tell you that life should be lived with little guilt and greater forgiveness not because it is a noble thing to do but because it makes your life simpler. So regrets – yeah, we will have a few of them, life is perhaps never complete without them.

Coming back to the quote – about the things we did and the things we didn’t do; I would rather prefer to be aligned with this quote –

I’d Rather Regret The Things That I have Done Than The Things That I Have Not 

And I am saying this not because a great person’s name is attached to the quote, but because it pushes you towards action. It at least makes you do something rather than sit and brood about whether you should do something and find reasons not to. It is great to do something and end up with a few mistakes because we are constantly in action as opposed to being simply lazy and a fatalist saying that you are going to take whatever comes your way.

Between action and inaction, a more practical idea is to stand by the guide of action than being a bit lazy about it.

This was our quote of the day, stay tuned in for more.

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  1. It’s a wise way to think and, I would rather say, it’s always better to think in this way. Helps to introspect and improve eventually… 🙂

    • Thank you Maniparna. I couldn’t agree more. The first few times will be a conscious effort and slowly without even our knowledge it starts becoming a part of our stock response which will be an amazing transition 🙂

    • Thank you Somali :). I agree,without making those experiments, we are constatly putting ourselves at loss. It is like the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote which says – All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.

  2. Unless and until we introspect, there are negligible chances of self-improvement. We shouldn’t be guilty or embarrassed to repent as eventually it would make us better people teaching us wise lessons of life. Thanks for sharing such a thoughtful and motivational post Vinay. Regretting is way too practical that repeating those mistakes again and again. 🙂

    • True Maitreni. Thank you for these thoughts – I agree, there is no way we can go ahead in life unless we look within and understand what more is required of us to make a difference to our own lives. The best part is that the lessons will be different for each one of us and the impact we can make for ourselves can be momentous 🙂