Do what you are afraid of

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Quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson have always made us stop and think! – They always have a very strong way of conveying a message

  • The only way to get over fear, is to get through it
  • You don’t know what exists on the other side, fear maybe an illusion, maybe real, maybe simpler than thought or maybe fiercer, but the only way out of it is to face it, that’s where you identify the solution
  • “Face the Brutes” as Swami Vivekananda said, it is only when you stand tall and face it you get to realize how minuscule it is in front of a solid will and action
  •  It is always action that brought solution, never the brooding nor the self pity. If you are really afraid of something, do it, that way it is no more an illusion, it is the simple plain truth and once you face it, you realize was that all there was.

I know that giving gyaan sometimes is the easiest thing  to do, or maybe is that why I am blogging about it here?! Well either ways, I am a little afraid to type publish for this post, but the only way out is facing it, right? 😉

10 thoughts on “Do what you are afraid of

  1. Vinay , must confess this actually aint that easy as you said easier said than done although every time I do so .. I always get to see my fear and my anticipation was different from what I actually happened after I did what I was sacred to do ..
    your post surely reminds that .. no matter what it should be a habit .. to face your fear head-on rather than anticipation worse without even facing !!

    1. True mait.. Almost anything here is easier said than done. I guess few words keep acting as pointers, trying to remind us a few things we outta be doing, but nothing ever is easy and kinda explains why so few of them end up doing it 🙂

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