Are failures a part of success?

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Success – Failure, Winners – Losers, Achievers – Repeaters, Toppers – Dullards.. I am sure I can come up with a lot more words which we were taught growing up. All our lives we have been taught and vigorously trained to be the BEST at everything we do, to take no answer but winning, to feel good about ourselves only when we achieve something, to make ourselves feel that we won by defeating others no matter what race we participated in.

But I think something that the culture forgot to teach us was the importance of failing at things in life. We have been so well trained at winning and looking at only winning and nothing else, it kinda feels that we are terribly wrong when something doesn’t work our way. Well, this is real life, I am sure a lot of things are not going to work in our way. Sometimes it so happens that life seems to be going in a way that nothing seems to be in favour of us. How do we tackle it? How do we tolerate it? How do we stop from feeling horrible about ourselves?

Well, maybe the above line might help. All our lives, we have been taught to chase perfection with absolute integrity and look at nothing else but a win, but we never were taught how to look at failure, we just were taught to feel bad about it and then move on to try and get another win, maybe at the same place or the next. Not for once were we told that failure was good, we weren’t told that failure had a message other than implying that you are stupid and most times failures never meant to say that, it just said that people around you are, the ones who trained you like this are. Maybe they meant to say that there is a lot more to life than keeping a scorecard. Maybe they meant to say that there is a message, there is a strategy, there is a way you can get around this to get what you want. The world aint no rainbows and sunshines, there will be things which will hold us down and bring us to our knees, it doesn’t mean it is all over, it doesn’t even mean failure, it just means a setback and you have to get back on the course of action. And it never does mean that you aren’t going to succeed. It means that failures are a part of successes and you have to give them the opportunity to be.


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