Ze Frank: Congratulations! You Are A Human

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Well, we have presented quite a few videos in this section, but I guess this is one truly amazing one. I will not try and oversell this video although it is going to seem like that as we write below.

If you ask me what the moral of the video is, I am going to tell you that it is not going to give you a set of steps to achieve your dreams, it is not going to give you a roadmap of success, it is not going to talk about all the success stories of different people in life nor is it going to give you a detailed explanation of a management philosophy.

But the video is going to offer you something extraordinary, it is going to take you through a flurry of questions. Don’t worry! It is not going to ask you any hard questions, nor is it going to embarrass you a large bit. But it is going to ask you about a few experiences in your life, what all you have faced so far and why you are not alone in this journey!

Well you may love Ze Frank for one reason, he is an internet genius who won the 2002 Webby award for the best personal website and was featured in the TIME Magazine as “50 coolest Websites”. The above video of Ze Frank is from a TED CONFERENCE where he talks about what makes you a human.

Here are a few thoughts from the video

1) If you answered a YES to any of the above questions, you are one among us, one like us who faces those small and big challenges in life and tries to find a way to conquer them. You are one of those who are trying to go through the cycle of life in a manner which you can be proud of and make a difference

2) Achievers or the so called BIG successes in LIFE are no different than you or me. They all have had those rough moments in life. They all had resource crunches, they all had tragedies in their lives. But they decided to work through them, they decided not to give up and they knew that they were stronger than the challenges life threw at them

3) And above all, we all are human :). Not much separates us. We all have the same similar challenges, we all have our own problems and what defines a HUMAN? Well if the above video doesn’t, then I really don’t know what can 🙂





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