You’re beautiful! It’s True :)

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you are beauty

🙂 I couldn’t  stop smiling and sharing these beautiful lines.

We are so busy at times pleasing the misconception of the society or oneself about the beauty that we don’t realize it’s all within. There were times I have felt low for the weight I weigh, may be for the color of my skin or my hair. Few years back if I had to describe myself it would mostly be sympathizing about my so called disliked features, but today that has nothing to do with me. It is not that I have the perfect body( I am trying for one though 🙂 ) or the fairer skin or the most stunning hair, I am above all this and I am more beautiful than I ever thought . And every now and then I never miss an opportunity to stand in front of the mirror singing “Oh, you’re beautiful! It’s true 🙂 “

Many youngsters (including me when I was one 🙂 ) worry about their looks rather than their personality. Maybe the media or the society makes them believe that looks matter the most. It’s an absolute pity that we fail to appreciate the internal beauty . We all know that “beauty is skin deep”, “Pretty is as pretty does” but why do we feel inferior at times? What’s holding us? – IT’S US! the belief in ourselves. The more we believe  in ourselves ,  accepting the way we are and trying to bring the best out of ourselves stands out leaving all the misconceptions of external beauty behind making one beautiful than ever before 🙂

Being who you are matters more than how you look.



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5 thoughts on “You’re beautiful! It’s True :)

  1. And be yourself, man, be proud of who you are
    Even if it sounds corny,
    Don’t ever let anyone tell you, you ain’t beautiful, so…
    – Eminem (Song – Beautiful)

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