Your World Is Surrounded By Idiots! – Being Yourself, Quote

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Being Yourself

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Your World Is Surrounded By Idiots!

Your World Is Surrounded By Idiots, challenge is not to be one of them

– Prasad Narulkar

Before we delve into the details of the quote, we start with a question : Do You Agree?

For most of us, the intellectual sense says – No of course not, the world is a beautiful place, there are some amazing people out there, so inspiring, so beautiful within, each one with vivid experiences and richness which words can not even describe.

While the gut part of us humorously agrees and says – Well, you got that right! I think we all have faced that at times don’t we? Especially when the entire world around us is completely against the thought we profess. It seems so simple and easy to counter and yet it seems to cling on to its old useless ideologies which it claims as values. And it makes us think whether there is any sense in wasting our energy over it to even try and convince it with logic, persuasion and an honest effort. Sometimes, it feels much easier to give up and ask it to follow its own course to destruction if that is what it wants!

Being Yourself: It Is Hard!

I could never agree more, it is damn hard to be yourself, especially if your thoughts are different. The society in some ways is trained to identify the difference and kill it the moment it arises. You may recall our tiff with the society when we posted our 12 Real Quotes About The Society. At one point, I even asked myself if we appear as the ones who hate the society or the ones who are trying to cling on to a notion that we are able to look at it in retrospect? That question never seems to yield a convincing answer to me.

Nevertheless, I find that being yourself is one of the toughest challenge in the world. When people don’t understand you, there is very little tendency to support you. Instead there is a widespread agreement that you are a fool on a wild goose hunt with limited prospects of success. The society at some level even brands you and says that you are not going to get anywhere. But this is not the worst part.

Being yourself: The Worst Part!

I think the worst part is not when you see the opposition around you, I think the worst part is when you might start believing that the society might be right. I know that most quotes talk about an iron will which can change the entire world. But let us be realistic here, iron will is slightly exaggerated, it takes a little devil may care attitude as well to tell yourself and even convince to believe in your own ideas. Of course the greatest successes like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates have done it, they have challenged the beliefs of the society and proven that being yourself can turn into a wonderful reward.

Something we have to note is that none of these big successes have been in a war with the society. They have accepted things the way they are and consciously decided that they are not going to be a part of that belied and that their life matters more than the generic beliefs. Of course being yourself comes at a cost and so does being one in the herd. And as always it eventually boils down to the choices you make. 

Well, being yourself does come with a lot of these thoughts and a lot more practical ones. These were a few in our quiver and we would love to know more from your perspective and views of life. The quote and its meaning can never be complete without your thoughts, please do share with our readers who will benefit a lot from it.

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2 thoughts on “Your World Is Surrounded By Idiots! – Being Yourself, Quote

  1. hi, i am deependra. i read your blog very often.recently, i read about “Your World Is Surrounded By Idiots! – Being Yourself”, Quote
    i guess this is very true. for most of us who feel it find themselves alienated from so called society. i guess people like us need to make a constant effort to maintain a conscious space and keep reminding us all the time that we are different, mostly when we are around other people….i am not sure whether others will agree or not.

    Posted on April 13, 2016 by Vinay Nagaraju | 0 Comments

    1. Hi Deependra,

      I could not agree more, there is a constant effort to maintain our own place in the society and yet being away from it. Well, I am sure there are a lot of people who agree to you and there are ones which will not perhaps. I guess that will be the difference between a conformist and someone who wants to be on his own and create his own path. I guess the choice eventually comes back to us.

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